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The Class of 1968 started Kindergarten at Milford Twp on January 20,1956 with 8,

Clinton 'Clint' Brooks K-5 deceased 2005] 1 son

Donald Brooks K-4 married Pam

Jan Carsrud K-1

Billy Larsen K-5

Gary McVey K-5

Marlene Sorensen K-5 married Bob Borger, last known address Liscomb, IA

Jacque Strother K-5 see page 202 married, divorced Kyle Stephenson 1 son 1 daughter, last known address Keysville, MO

James Voigt K-1

The others and their grade level/s:

Thaddies Bishop 4-5

Mike Coy 1-5

Shirley Culley 3

Mary Daley 3

Loren Donaldson 2-4

Jimmy Eyanson 3

Sandy Gray 4

Sallie Hall 4-5

Joe Lammey 4-5

Dennis McVey 2-5

Dennis Otto 3-5 (military Purple Heart see page 195)

Bruce Purvis 3

Stephen Thompson 2-4

Jimmie Tjelmeland 1-5

Diane Watson 2-5

Billy Wakefield 3-5.

Their teachers were: K-Mary Allen, 1-Cecelia Martin, 3-Margaret Kleese, 4-Mr Pat Steinhart, 5-Mrs Doolittle.

Thirteen finished 5th grade together in 1961 and a total of 24 students shared their '68 class at Milford Twp. The class of '68 was the first group to stay at the Milford site as part of the Nevada Community Middle School for 6th grade.

1969 Known history

The Class of 1969 started Kindergarten at Milford Twp on January 15, 1957 with 17:

Patty Atkinson K

Vickie Boozell K-1

Craig Brodie K

Carol Brooks K-4 married Ted Griffieon, last known address Altoona

Kathleen Fitzgerald K-4 see page 202

Linda Morvedt K-3

Katherine Nelson K-3

Sue Ellen Nelson see pages 274, 233 K-4 married ___Althabe she does Catering in Manhattan, NY

Harley Osborn K-1

Sharon Oxley K-2

James Roberts K-4 last known address Las Vegas

Becky Smith K-4

Peggy Smith 3

Donna Sorensen K-4 married Dean Albert

Kent Sorensen K-4

Kristie Sorensen K-4

Steve Tendall K-4

Mark Wilson K-4

Others joined:

Kathy Daley 2

Bill Durby 4

Linda Edwards 1

Donald Fuss 1-2

Donna Fuss 1-3

Cathy Hendrick 1-3

Darrell Hocking 3-4

Bruce Risdal 3-4

Marcia Schrader 1-2

Marilyn Smith 3

Danny Thompson 1-4

Linda Varner 4

Jerry Winger 3-4

Teachers: K- Mary Allen, 1-2 Cecelia Martin, 3 Pat Stienhart, 4 Marlys Dodd.

Fourteen finished 4th grade together in 1961 and a total of 31 students shared the `69 class together at Milford Twp. The Class of 1969 was the first to use the Milford site for two years as a part of the Nevada Community Middle School or 5th and 6th

1970 Known history

The Class of 1970 started Kindergarten at Milford Twp on January 20, 1958 with 13:

Patricia Anderson K-3

David Book- 1969 Nevada Homecoming Royal Court- K-3

Craig Brodie K-2

Jeanette Brooks-1969 Nevada Homecoming Royal Court- K-3 see page 206, 221, 202

Russell Bryant K (-Shipley) 1-2

Kathy Coy K-2

Jim Eller K-3

Gregory Kaltenheuser K-2 (-Roland)

Cindy Kenast K-2

Steven McVey K-3

Linda Munson K (-Roland)

Marlene Osborn K-1

Teddy Smith K-3 married 1977 Kristy 1 son 1 daughter see page 235, IA meat inspector, DVM, last known address Holstein, IA

Roger Tendall K-3

Ann Wakefield K-1

Others joined:

JoAnn Dady 2-3

Fred Eyanson 1

Donald Fuss 2-3

Connie Fry 2-3

Sandra Fry 2-3

Charlotte Gray 2 (-Nevada)

Susie Hall 2-3

Darlene Hocking 2-3

Betty Lammey 2-3

Sharon Oxley 2-3

Cathy Smith 2

David Stanley 2

David Varner 3

Marvin Sandvick 3

Teachers: K- Mary Allen, 1- Cecelia Martin, 2- Sandra Johnson, 3- Marlys Dodd.

Thirteen finish 3rd grade together in 1961 and a total of 29 students shared their experience at Milford.

After going into the Nevada Community Elem for one year they were back out to the Milford site for two more years, as the Nevada Middle School.

1971 Known history

The Class of 1971 started Kindergarten at Milford Twp on January 19, 1959 with 18:

Kathy Boozell K (-?)

Joe Culley K

Gary Osborn K

Susan Osborn K-2

Michael Oxley K-1

Craighton Kaltenheuser K-1(-Roland) was killed on his WY farm see page 70

Cindy Petersen K-2

Jack Schrader K

Danny Sorensen K-1

Linda Thompson K-2 married Dennis Gould 1 son 1 daughter, last known address Kellogg, IA

Nancy Twedt K-2 see page 206

Jeanine Tye K-1

Mike Wakefield K-2

Timmy Watson K-2 (-Roland)

Diane Wilson K-2.

Others joined:

James Stanley 1

Craig Brodie 2

Russell Bryant 2

Kathy Coy 2

David Varner 2

Ann Wakefield 2

Teachers: K- Allen, 1- Johnson, 2- Ethel Jacobson.

Twelve finish 2nd grade together in 1961 at Milford Twp.

Two years later they returned to Milford with the Nevada Middle School.

1972 Known history

The Class of 1972 started Kindergarten at Milford Twp in January of 1960 with 14:

Charles `Chuckie' Brooks K-1

Loren Brooks K (-Nevada)

Ed Bryant K-1

Mary Ann Fitzgerald K-1

Clifford Fry K-1

Rusty Hotz K

Debra Larsen K-1

Denise Risdal K-1

Chuck Sharp K-1

Jimmie Thomsen K-1, Jim was President of 1972 Nevada Senior Class

Paul Tjelmeland K-1

Kevin Tye K

Cindy Watson K-1 (-Roland)

Jeff Winger K-1

Steve Durby 1

Mike Oxley 1

Danny Sorenson 1

Robin Williams 1 see page 203.

Teachers: K- Mary Allen, 1- Ethel Jacobson

Fourteen finshed lst grade at Milford Twp.

After three years they would return to the Milford site with the Nevada Middle School.

1973 Known history

The Class of 1973 was the last class to start school at the Milford Twp site in January of 1961. The Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Mary Allen, had a class of 12:

Bill Bensen

Michael Fitzgerald

Carol Jacobson married Randy Colling} last known address Nevada, IA

Terry McVey [Killed in motorcycle accident in 1969, see page 76]

Linda Oxley

Kim Petersen married John Reilly 2 sons-twins 1 daughter

Douglas Sampson-Inducted into Nevada Hall of Fame- see pages 265, 335 married Dianna 2 sons 1 daughter, last known address Nevada, IA

Valorie Smith

Timmy Tendall

Bunny Varner

Molly Wakefield

Brad Williams see page 203

Steve Wilson

After four years they returned to the Milford site in the Nevada Middle School. See their class picture on page 284. Also: Bill Courser see pages 318 married Nancy Harris 2 sons, last known address Nevada, IA.

Some More Pleasant Grove News

Before the summer of 1896, a bridge stood just to the west of the Pleasant Grove Church. During that summer this bridge was taken out and replaced with a "large tile" which makes a "decided improvement". The article makes it sound as though this bridge stood about 75 yards west of the Church. A little insight into what a church service at the Pleasant Grove Church in the "Nineties" was like was in the paper when it was announced "the organ at the M E Church has been overgoing some much needed repairs. Mr Dale of Story City doing the work." Also, the Pres. of Simpson College gave an inspiring sermon which lead to the baptism at the river of 15 folks from the "home free congregation". A hard rain dispersed the group, estimated to be about a thousand, before end of the baptismal service. (Possibly a picture of this event on page 317.)

1952 Polio Scare Hits Milford Twp

Six students were affected, but none too seriously, by the scourge. Larry Sorensen `67, born in 1948, was the most severely affected. The disease struck him at a very early age. His Dad had let the Polio Insurance policy drop just before Larry was diagnosed. The disease affected his legs and feet- one foot needs a 10 1/2 shoe while the other takes a 12 1/2. His cousin, Linda Sorensen `67, was affected by leg problems. David `66 and Dennis Otto `68, brothers, were affected as were friends Jurine Borton `56 and Hazel Horness '56. David Otto, because of Polio, left school for a year. During the Polio season many events were canceled or simply not scheduled in a effort to avoid crowds. Polio vaccine, shots, came out in April of 1955!

The Senior Class girls of 1954. The ladies model their selected dresses for the prom of that year and were invited to participate in the style show that was held near the time of the Prom. From left: Doradene Brodie, Arlene Steward, Margaret Thompson, and Ruth Warren. The style show was one of Mrs Sandell's efforts, yes, the boys were there as escorts. The Stage was decorated and called "The Miss Milford Teen Shop".
The Arrasmith Service Station
This is the only picture found of the Arrasmith gas station that was on the south side of road across from the School. The view is from the west side looking east with the School across the road to the left. Taken in 1950 it shows a group of the 4-H girls. Back Row: Florine Borton `52, Ruth Warren `54, Mrs Wilma (Arnie `42) Munson, Mrs Ethyleen (Glen'43) Sampson. Middle Row: Doradene Brodie `54, Alice Hansen `55, Jurine Borton `56. Front Row: Marlene Morfey `57 and Donna Sorem `55. The station was owned by the Arrasmiths and the Glen Sampsons lived there. Short article on page 66.
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