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Some Larger Families
In 1900 there were 35 families in Milford Twp with six or more children living at home at the time of the census. Several of the more recent families that had six or more children are featured on the following pages.
The Brooks Family in 1961
Picture taken by Dorris Brooks-wife of LaVern. Back row L. to R.: LaVern Brooks, Laverne Jacobson, Virginia and Mervin Brooks, Virgil and Maxine Brooks, Steve, Dennis, Ron. Middle: Don Brooks, Delores Brooks, Kathy Jacobson, Linda Brooks, Connie Brooks; Front: (All Brooks) Clint, David, Charlet, Kevin, Loren, Brad, Charles `Chuck', Jeanette, Carol, Gary. Photo from Nevada Journal.

The David and Jenny Brooks family of 7 children, all graduated from Milford: Lester `32, Geneive `33 - Harold Myrland, Virginia `34- LaVerne Jacobson, Virgil `36, Mervin `38, LaVern `40 and Isabelle'45-Don Hillis. They lived a mile and a half south of Milford Twp School on the west side of the road. After climbing through a fence to help a neighbor, David contracted Tetnus after receiving a Tetanus shot and died in the Iowa Univ Hospitals on 18 Aug 1961. Perhaps that was the occasion of the photo above.

All of the children attended the newly reorganized Milford Twp. Consolidated School where there were six Brooks children on the bus for five years; 1928 thru 1932. ALL SEVEN Brooks siblings graduated; the largest family to have ALL graduate from Milford Twp. They were all involved in farming careers and five, all but Genieve and Isabelle, raised their families in Milford Twp, with a the total of twenty cousins (Grandchildren of David and Jenny Brooks) attending Milford School. Lester `32 and Margaret Brooks are the parents of Gary `62N -Nevada's Homecoming King and he was also the County 4-H President in 1961-'62. Linda'63N, and Don'68N, were also in their Nevada Homecoming Royalty Courts. See page 206.

Virginia Brooks `34 and LaVerne Jacobson `35, are the parents of Gwen `60, and Kathy `66N.

Virgil `36 and Maxine Cooper `37 Brooks are the parents of Doug `60, Steve `63N, Delores `65N, Jeanette `70N see pages 131, 202, Charles `72N, Charlet `74N, and Brad `77N.

Mervin '38 and Virginia Brooks are the parents of Linda `63N, Ron `65N, Don `68N, Loren `72N, and Kevin `77N. Kevin was on the State 4-H Council in 1976-'77 and earned a trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in 1977.

LaVern `40 and Dorris Brooks are the parents of Connie `62N, Dennis `65N, David `67N, Clint `68N see page 379, and Carol `69N.

The Brooks were very active in the leadership of the 4-H program. Lester, Virgil, Ron, Don, Kevin, and Mervin's wife, Virginia, all served as Milford club leaders.

Two Brooks family members have served on the Milford School Board. Virgil `36 served from 1950-'55 and was the President in 1951 and Mrs Lester (Margaret) Brooks served 1958-'60, Pres in 1958.

The Virgil Brooks Family had seven members, listed above, and were long time Milford residents. They lived a mile south and half a mile east of the School. Because of a lightening house fire in 1961, there are no photos of this family as a unit. Virgil bought the Sower's house that originally sat in the NE quarter of Sec 8 and had it moved and remodeled. Brad `78, is farming the home place for a third generation. His son, Jeff, fourth generation, who is in construction, built a home across the road from the Milford School grounds in 2007.

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