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Milford Township and Proud of It

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1961 Milford Township’s Last Cheerleaders
Geri Pauley, Carolyn VanZee, Karen Petersen, Karen Thompson, Dixie Thomas
Cheerleading Longevity

It seems as though Margaret Matters ‘46, Alyce Matters ‘50, Alice Grindem ‘52, Ruth Warren ‘54, Alice Hansen ‘55, Dixie Thomas‘61, were the only girls known to be 4 year cheerleaders for Milford. Fritz Morris, ‘54, and Clarion Thompson, ‘54, were the only fellows who were cheerleaders for four years. Norman Honderd, ‘57, was a three year cheerleader for the Milford Red and White. Fritz was a two sports letterman and was the top recreational student major at the University of Southern Mississippi.

1967 Karen Hughes ‘67N was a basketball cheerleader for Nevada. Jeanette Brooks ‘70N was a 1970 Wrestling Cheerleader.

The cheerleader activities and efforts during the forties and fifties were not the acrobatic, syncopated rhythms, tumbling, and pyramid building that evolved later. The picture of the 1957 group shows about the upper limit of gymnastics.

A few Milford Cheers from the fifties:

Two, four, six, eight Who do we appreciate? (Quietly) Roland, Roland, Roland. One, two, three, four, three, two, one, four, Who for, what for Who you gonna yell for? Milford!, Milford!!, Milford!!!

Chldrs: Say crowd: What? Chldrs: That’s, what? crowd: What’s What? Chldrs: That’s what they all say! Crowd: What do they all say? Everyone: Beat Roland! Beat Roland!! Beat Roland!!!

Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, All for Milford, Stand up and hollar! Yea!!!!

Strawberry shortcake; Raspberry Pie; V. I. C. T. O. R. Y. Are we in it? Well, I guess! Milford High School! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Edit: This cheer could be, and was, given even if our team was significantly behind.

For the Official, and Unofficial, Fight Songs of Milford see page 271 in Chapter 7.

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