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The Official and Unofficial Fight Songs
“On, Wisconsin”. “Onward Milford, Onward Milford, Fight like men so bold, We are out to win this game, So help us young and old, Rah. Rah, Rah, Onward Milford, Onward Milford. We will praise your name, Just keep on fighting boys, And win this game- Rah!” Another of Milford's songs, although not used very often, at least in the fifties, were these lyrics- sung to the tune of “Iowa State Fight Song”. The words are as I recall them-- although there may have been slightly different versions. “When dear ol' M.H.S. goes down the line, We know we'll win that game another time, For dear ol' M.H.S. we love so well, We'll give a shout, we'll give a yell, And we will fight, fight, fight for every ball, And we will really cause ol' Roland's fall, And we will roll ol' Roland on the side, On the side, Milford High! Yah!” The following is the unofficial, very unofficial, fight song of Milford. If you don't want to read anything that might be a little inappropriate--- skip the next 9 lines. Reproduced in the interest of historical enthusiasm. To the tune of ”Cheer, Cheer, for ol' Notre Dame”-- “Beer, Beer for ol' Milford High, Bring on the whiskey, bring on the rye, Send a freshman out for gin, Don't let a sober sophomore in, We never stagger, we never fall, We sober up on wood alcohol, While our drunken team goes staggering, Onward to victory!!”

This is another instance of when the young folks of today hear of such a variation, they are surprised and amused that their straight laced, stick to society's rules, elders would even think of such a thing and would remember that refrain after more than fifty years.

One time, probably in the spring of 1954, some of us fellows were going to do this rendition at an afternoon 5 to 10 minute "pep rally" just before the busses were to leave to take the students home. Somehow Coach Ev Cochrane found out, perhaps we even asked if he thought it was appropriate, and he promptly informed us that it was not to be done. There were a group of five or six of us standing on the court and each was to say a few words-- I'll bet Coach Cochrane was a little nervous that we'd go ahead and break into song-- but we didn't.

Some of Milford's cheers are on page 131.

Educational Smoking in the Classroom
Dale Hughes `55

In about 1949, when I was in the sixth grade and Mrs Everett was our teacher, she put on a demonstration that was quite enlightening. She was rather an advanced method teacher. She taught us some of the Sex Education principles that were very age relevant but that's another story for another time.

She was convinced of the unhealthiness of smoking and would occasionally say something to that effect, but one day she invited the Janitor, Carl `Shorty" Johnson, into our classroom for a demonstration. He did smoke and for this demonstration she gave him a fine linen handkerchief and had him put it over the inhaling end of the cigarette and put that to his lips and draw a couple puffs through this linen handkerchief. There remained a couple of small, the size of the end of a cigarette, quite dark spots on the linen. She told us, and Shorty confirmed, that was what goes into your lungs every time one smokes a cigarette. Well, anyhow, it was very effective teaching for many of the class but there were some who elected to ignore this evidence. Just to keep the matter in front of the students, she told us a couple of weeks later that no amount of washing of that linen could remove all the tars, etc, that were stuck to the linen hankerchief.

I have told this story to some young people with the intention of convincing them that there are things in cigarettes that one does not want in their lungs, and they are quite surprised that such an experiment was permitted to take place in the classroom. Some of them elected to proceed to smoke so I guess very few things are 100%. Also, page 176.

Ol' Milford farmer observe: Only thing worse than getting a wrong number call at 4 AM is to get call at 4 AM and it isn't a wrong number.

Our "Beautiful Skunk River Falls"
Below: This tranquil scene is reputed to be the little check dam constructed by the WPA or the CCC fellows in the thirties about a quarter mile downstream from the Soper's Mill site. It soon washed away and the site is marked now by a small diameter pipe and a few stones across the river.
Compare with the picture on page 317.
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