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`56 Vernon `Vern' Olson, UI, radio & sports journalism 38yrs.

`95N Melisa Jacobson, Wartburg and Drake MS

Eric Hanson, ISU,WHO, gr'dson of Betty Arneson `40, (Don)


`3O Dr Adio (Ruby Christian `30) Freeman, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Chicago & CA.

`43 Duane Gardner (after a Navy Career) ISC: BS, DVM 2nd in class.

`49 Merrill Anderson, ISC :BS, (died of cancer in March, but was granted his degree) DVM.

195l-'52 staff Dr Gerald Petersen (Alice Grindem 52), Med ical, KS.

`59 Dr David Bhend, Psych, Psychologist, Joplin, MO.

`63 Dr Jim Cooper. ISC: BS and DVM

`65 Dr Dennis Brooks, Medical, said to have the largest Car diology Clinic in CA.

`65 Dr Michael `Mike' Hopkins, Psych, Des Moines.

`70 Dr Ted Smith, Campion Acad, Loveland Colorado, ISU: BS, DVM, Holstein, IA, State of Iowa Meat Inspector.

`?? Dr Carrie Twedt (daughter of Dean `67, grand of Amil

`33) (Dr Dean Phillips, Dermatology) OBYG.

?? Doug Allen (son of Ed, `58 and Sandra Allen59) DVM


`27 Margaret Twedt RN, `30 Iowa Lutheran Hospital,

`30 Thelma Peterson RN.

`33 Doris Sorensen Christianson RN.

`34 Lucile Larsen, Iowa Lutheran, RN.

`42 Wilma Hartman Munson (Mrs Arnold'42) LPN.

`42 Beulah Walston Sharp

`51 Patsy Jane Manley Smith, Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor.

`52 Alice Grindem `52 Petersen (Dr Gerald 1951-'52) RN.

`52 Art Sorem, Med Services; wife, Dee, RN

`53 Helen Horness Uballe RN.

`54 Doradene Brodie Thompson (Clarion `54) RN; Bethany Manor

`54 Karel Harper Hedrick RN: 26yrs

`55 Donna Sorem Woods RN

`57 Marlene Morfey Carleton RN

`57 Judith Jorgensen Eggland, Bethany Manor LPN 20yrs

`58 Janet Rasmusson Larson, RN, Laurens Schl Nurse 13ys

`62N Maxine Horness Stratton(Gary'62) medic, RN

`64N Karen Thompson Strother (Bruce `62), RN, Iowa Lutheran.

`64N Sharon Nelson Bown, Drake Medical Transcriptionist

`68N Merrie Lynn Smith, RN 18 yrs Williams IA school nurse

`68N Diane Watson (Bob`44) Parmacy in Kansas City

`76N Linda Thompson Gould, LPN

`77N Garnet Brodie, RN, DMAAC.

`79N Doug Couser, Licensed Massage Therapist


`43 Duane Gardner, US Navy.

`52 Roy Hartman, US Air Force, 21 years

`56 Edwin Needham, US Navy.

`63 Jim Cooper, USAF Corporal, 20 years

`78 Brent Brodie, US Army.


`41 Ruby Nassen Triggs with husband Rev.Leon.

`43 Dorothy Ann Harper Likely with husbd, Rev. Charles.

`50 Mary Harper Lackore with husband Rev Gene.

`55 Donna Sorem Woods with husband, Wm. both missionaries in Africa for over 30 yrs.

`57 Marlene Morfey Carleton, parochial school teacher.


The Swansons in Sec 25: Dale, Richard and Andrew have provided resources to for the DNR to help preserve the largest track of natural Iowa prairie never to have been plowed.

`55 Dale Hughes OU, TX Tech, 5 yrs with National Park Service.

`57 Jimmie Thompson, renowned plant ID, see page 268.

`61 Dick Coy, 42 yrs in Iowa DNR.

PHARMACISTS: `27 Hubert Wilson


1890's Frank Curtiss, State Representative

`41 Marvin Smith Jr, bid for State Legislature, 1972

`41 Doris Bailey Bayer, Democratic Party Conv. Delegate


`48 Bill Allen.

`50 Jane Allen McCoy in Fresno, CA.

1953-'56 Coach Ev Cochrane became Ames real estate guru 1983-'02 and grew to have more than 800 housing units for ISU students. Some of his property sold for 51.2 million in 2006.

`56 Ron Otto, DOT Right Away Property Management (considered to be responsible for the most property in IA

`57 Art Borton, Realtor and Appraiser+yrs.

`58 Eddie Allen, also 35+ rental properties in Omaha area.

`70 Greg Kaltenhauser, Appraiser, Eastern IA.

`71 Brad Kaltenhauser, Appraiser, Central IA.


Various entrepreneur including farmers with feed, seed or farm equipment sales.

`32 Joe Alfred, Sales Manager for Dunlap Motors, Ames.

`56 Jurine Borton Moore, dove-tailed with teaching she ex perienced a variety of sales; toys, clothes, micro waves etc, then 1986-2006 served as a consultant and sales rep for a Vermont based business earning top sales at one time for three consecutive years.

`57 Alan Twedt, American Greeting Card Co, 31yrs. `58 Janet Rasmusson Larson, accomplished "Independent National Sales Leader with a Nationally known basket company in Ohio.

`60 Ron Pauley, LaGrange, GA.

`66 Owen Twedt, Des Moines area.

`67N Karen Hughes Witzleben, Simpson, Polariod Corp, won Nat'l sales comp in

1973, their first female to do so.

`79RS Brad Watson (Bob`44) John Deere, Central IA

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