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All Known Milford Twp Students 1927-1961
35 years/classes -1927 through 1961- 350 graduates; B194-G156
High School Graduates on pg 183 & Pictures pg 292

1927 10 members, 5 boys and 5 girls See eighth grade graduates on page 85.

Superintendent A. J. Mickelson deceased, Principal Edith Myers deceased

George Allen deceased 1972, married 1930 to Bernice Vilmont deceased 2003, 1 son, 2 daughters

Ray J. Danielson, Senior Class President deceased 2001, married Vera Eubank class of 1927, deceased 1991, 1 daughter, last known address Nevada

Vera Eubank deceased 1991, married Ray Danielson class of 1927 deceased 2001, 1 daughter

Clyta Graham deceased 2005, married Ernest Hinderks

George Hansen deceased 1977, married 1930 to Irene McClellan deceased 1996, 1 son, 1 daughter

John Hereim deceased, single, worked for City of Ames

Vivian Kimble deceased, married Gaylon Mann deceased (was Milford School staff), 2 sons, 1 daughter see page 132

Wilma Moore deceased, married Tom Erickson deceased Both killed see page 78.

Huber Wilson deceased, married _____ _____ deceased, Pharmacist

Other classmates:

Enoch Durby deceased

Opal Fisher deceased

Leota Pond deceased

1928 10 members, 3 boys and 7 girls See eighth grade graduates on page 85.

Superintendent A. J. Mickelson deceased, Principal Edith Myers deceased

Arlet F. Christian deceased 2003 married Kenneth Smith deceased, 2 sons and daugher(s) See page 168.

Olive Christian deceased married Jeff Borwick deceased brother of Milfordite See page 232.

Theresa Donaldson deceased married Franis Lynch deceased

Bernice Howland deceased married Ruth _____ deceased, last known address Denver, CO

Bernita Howland deceased married Howard Ostrander deceased Milford Twp's only graduating twins, see page 259.

Leota Lee deceased 1982 married John Latham deceased 1958 brother of Milfordite, 1 son, 2 daughters B1G2

Marie McCaffrey deceased married Elwood? Frey deceased Attended School of Commerice(AIB) in Des Moines

Millard McCoy deceased married _____ _____ deceased

Wayne Slocum deceased married _____ _____ deceased

Jeanette Sowers deceased 2003 married Frank Peikert Sr deceased 1 son See page 232.

Other classmates:

Juanita Babbit deceased

Laurence Durby deceased

Earl Prescott deceased

Grace Sampson deceased

Frederick Smith deceased

1929 9 members, 3 boys and 6 girls See eighth grade graduates on page 85.

Superintendent G. W. Weyrauch deceased Principal Edith Myers deceased

County Superintendent Kellogg (after G. W.'s death)

Ethel Burley deceased 2008 married 1934 Floyd Davis deceased 1997 1 daughter

Virgil Burley deceased single

Viola Danielson deceased 1957 married Marion Gilreath'29 deceased 1999 2 sons 1 daughter See page 232

Dorothy Day deceased 1966 married 1932 John Allen'32 deceased 1974

Virginia Donaldson deceased married 2)Clancy Rielly deceased [She died in child birth.] married 1) _____ Lee deceased brother of Milfordite

Ruth Durby Sr. Class President, Valedictorian, Student Council President, deceased 1999 married 1930 Victor Duea deceased 1991 brother of Milfordite 3 sons 2 daughters

Marion Gilreath deceased 1999 married 2) _____ _____ See page 232. married 1)Viola Danielson '29 deceased 1957 2 sons 1 daughter

Helen McCaffrey deceased married Ben _____ deceased

Kimble Peterson deceased married Gladys _____ deceased See page 232.

Emarine Sloan deceased married _____ _____ deceased

Other classmates:

Dorothy Day deceased married John Allen (not Johnny Allen '31) deceased 1 son-Carl

Lena Funk deceased

Thomas King deceased

Mildred Wheelock.

1930 13 members, 2 boys and 11 girls See eighth grade graduates on page 85, 314.

Superintendent Wayne Pratt deceased Principal Edith Myers deceased

Ruby E. Christian deceased 2009 married 1937 Dr Adio Freeman deceased 1985 2 sons 2 daughers See page 306.

Lois Cooke deceased married Henry Uhr

Genevieve Curtis deceased 2005 single

Marie Donaldson deceased married Fred Heintz deceased

Jean Frey, Sr. Class President, deceased, married 1930 Virgil Lee deceased brother of Milfordite, 1 son 2 daughters

Gladys Hansen deceased 1995 married 1945 John Hattery,Atty deceased 1 son

Robert Harlow deceased 1990 married Lois Chitty deceased

Margaret A. Hereim deceased 1995 married Willard M. Gilreat'33 deceased 1993 2 daughers See page 168, 205, 232.

Anna Hovland deceased 2007 married Erling Shold deceased 1991 2 sons

Dorothea E. Kimble married 1932 Ashea `Ace' White deceased 1932 2 sons, last known address in nursing home in Belmond,IA

Thelma Peterson deceased married Axel Nelson deceased

Elizabeth Skeers deceased 1976 married 1930 Haaken 'Hack' Horness deceased 1967 brother of Milfordite, 2 sons 3 daughters

T. Eugene Thornton deceased married 1939 Marguerite Rahe deceased 2 sons 2 daughters, Supreme Court Justice, see page 216.

Other classmates:

Florence Crouch deceased

Kenneth Dawson

Marie Danielson

Herbert Ericson

Florence King

John King

John Krug

Corrine Laymon deceased 1998 married 1940 Glenn E Gabrielson deceased 2004 2 sons

Earl Prescott

Myrtle R. Rasmusson deceased 1998 married 1931 Clarence Sampson deceased brother of Milfordite 2 sons 1 daughter

Burdelle Rasmusson deceased

1931 7 members, 3 boys and 4 girls

Superintendent Ralph Morgan deceased Principal Evelyn Walker deceased

John `Johnny' Allen deceased married 1)_____ Johnson deceased married 1969 2)Hazel `Maxine' Morrison Miner deceased, last known address was a Mason in CA. He was a semi-pro boxer.

Louise C. Hovland married 1936 Harvey Tungesvick deceased 3 sons 1 daughter last known address Story City, IA

Edith Jacobson deceased married Ray Vaught deceased See page 223.

Reva Rhodes deceased 1998 single

Dorothy Sowers deceased 1999 married 1935 Vere Bielefeldt deceased 1 son 1 daughter See page 232.

Orlene Twedt deceased married Lillian Thompson deceased

Timothy Wheelock deceased married Marjorie Hansen deceased /fs sister of Milfordite

Other classmates:

Joseph A. Curtis deceased married Edna ____ deceased

Kenneth Curtis

Bernice M. Durby married 1931 Martin T. Caltvedt deceased 1964 2 sons 3 daughters

last known address Story City, IA

Ed McCaffrey

1932 17 members, 8 boys and 9 girls

Superintendent Ralph Morgan deceased Principal Evelyn Walker deceased

Joe A. Alfred deceased 1994 married 1936 Mabel L. Hansen ’32 deceased 2010 1 son 1 daughter See page 218.

Max Arrasmith deceased 1989 married 2)Betty M. Johnson Cox deceased 2012 1 daughter married 1)Pauline Lemon deceased 1984 See page 70.

Rosalma Brodie deceased 2005 married Roy Hansen deceased brother of Milfordite 1 son

Lester Brooks deceased 2000 married 1941 Margaret E. Baker deceased 2013 1 son See page 221.

Lowell Burley deceased married Wilma _____ deceased

Franklin Crouse deceased 1994 married Doris Sorensen’33 deceased

Doris Frey Salutatorian deceased 2007 married 1935 Ralph Brodie deceased 1983 brother of Milfordite 1 son 1 daughter

Adeline Gilreath deceased 2003 married 1)Edward Field deceased married 2)Edward Ware deceased

Mabel L. Hansen deceased 2010 married 1936 Joe A. Alfred ‘32 deceased 1994 1 daughter

Caroll W. Louks deceased 2009 married 1940 Maxine Hoel deceased 2003 2 daughters See page 256.

Sylvia A. Paulsen Senior class President, Valedictorian married 1935 Lowell Holbert deceased 2001 1 son 2 daughters, in nursing home in Stratford, IA

Agnes K. Peterson deceased 1992 married Loren Vieth deceased

Jeffrey Rasmusson deceased 2006 married 1939 Edith Hansen 1 son 3 daughters See page 227, 274. She is in LTC Story Co Med Center

Vera A. Stevenson deceased 2009 married 1947 Tom Tarman deceased 1988 See pages 74, 232, 282. Last known address Roseville, CA

Mildred E. Streeter deceased married _____ _____, deceased, lived with Charlie Alfred family during H S

Sylvia B. Thompson deceased married Bill Lock deceased

Floyd J. Twedt deceased 1994 married Grace Tendall ‘35 deceased 2005 3 sons 1 daughter See page 281.

Other classmates:

Kenneth Curtis deceased

Gladys Farni deceased 1963 married 1930 1) Joseph Hyler deceased 1963 1 son 2 daughters, married 1972 2)Harold Tice deceased 1992

Ed McCaffrey deceased married Rena Olan deceased

Arnold Sampson

Ada Shearer married 1933 Ed Sargent 5 sons 1 daughter

Francis Skeers

1933 10 members, 4 boys and 6 girls

Superintendent Ralph Morgan deceased Principal Evelyn Walker deceased, Jr Class play: “Yummie Yorsen’s Job”

Erwin Alfred deceased at 40 of cancer married Mabel Lewis deceased 2010 2 sons 1 daughter

Geneive Brooks deceased 2012 married Harold Myrland deceased 2002 two daughters. See page 221. last known address in Hormel Home AL in Eagen, MN

Otis A. Cole deceased 1993 married 1952 Vivian L. Buchanan deceased 2007 one daughter

Alvina Dueland deceased 1991 married Howard Mosebach deceased

Mary Eubank deceased married Prof Al Nelson deceased 2000

Jeffrey Jacobson deceased married Mabel Bergland deceased on son 2 daughters See page 223.

Ada Lee deceased married Dr Henry ’Hank’ Mott deceased

Doris Sorensen deceased married Franklin Crouse’32 deceased

MaryJane Sorensen deceiased 1986 married Clayde ‘Bud’ Koph deceased 1986

Amil Twedt deceiased 1993 married Sylvia Wierson, 3 sons See page 196. last known address Story City, IA

Other classmates:

Leland Black

Lowell Burley deceased

Willard Gilreath deceased married Margaret Hereim’30 deceased 2 daughters

Lowell Kimble deceased

Matie McCaffrey

Ruth Preston

Daniel Wheelock

1934 11 members, 5 boys and 6 girls

Superintendent Ralph Morgan deceased Principal Arlet Christian’28 Smith deceased

Robert Alfred deceased married Eide Solivig deceased 2 sons 1 daugher ISC Civil Engeneer

Mary Allen deceased 1991 married Homer Vilmont deceased 1 daughter

Virginia Brooks deceased 2006 married 1940 LaVerne Jacobson’35 deceased 1969. 2 daughters. See page 221.

Esther Burley deceased 1994 married 1936 Forest Groomes deceased 1984 one son six daughters

Argyle Cole deceased 1991 married Virginia Taylor deceased

Genevieve Donaldson deceased 2011 married Eugene Cook deceased 3 sons 1 daughter

Gladys Earwicker deceased married Allie Torgerson deceased

Lucile Emily Larson Senior class President deceased marrked Randall Hoskins deceased

Marion Olinger deceased M Fern _____ deceased

Ray Watson deceased 1971 married divorced 2)Alice Keese deceased one son one daughter, a barbar in Nevada, married 1942 divorced 1)Jeannette Johnson deceased 1999 2 daughters, (aka Jeannette Johnson Johansen)

Dannie Wheelock deceased married _____ _____ deceased

Other classmates:

Duane ‘Barney’ Borts

Mary Foster

Violette Hoversten

Edwin Mann 1-4

Lavern Paulson

1935 16 members, 6 boys and 10 girls

Superintendent C. B. Johnson deceased Principal Arlet Christian’28 Smith deceased

Boyd A. Arrasmith deceased single See page 78.

Palma M. Durby deceased 2006 married John Beaty deceased See page 226.

Esther L. Ersland deceased 1997 married Paul Englehardt deceased 1 son See page 49.

Dwight Fausch deceased 1985 married 1)Joy _____ deceased 3 daughters married 1979

2)Hilda Deal Hawthorn deceased See page 232. last known address in Springville, IA

Marjorie Frey deceased married Wendell Strother deceased

Cordelia Gilreath deceased married Floyd M. Peterson deceased bother of Milfordite

Esther Hovland 1995 married Lester Olson deceased

Ardys B. Jacobson deceased single See page 223.

LaVerne Jacobson deceased 1969 married 1940 Virginia Brooks’34 deceased 2006 2 daughters See pages 70, 221.

Arlene B. Langland deceased 2001 married George Stewart deceased, Obit said Arlene’s bros: Francis,KS; Floyd,MO, Lowell,IA

Myron W. Larsen deceased married Ruth L. Hauser Milford teacher 1938-’43 deceased 1 son 5 daughters, Milford Twp Farmer, see page 218.

Robert H. Lawson deceased single ISC Landscape Architect

Lucille D. Prescott deceased 1991 married 2)Harlan Hopper deceased brother of Milfordite married 1)_____ Hale deceased

Florence Rasmusson deceased Harold Austreheim deceased

Grace O. Tendall deceased 2005 married Floyd Twedt ‘32 deceased 1994 3 sons 1 daughter See pages 222,281.

Elmer Watson deceased 1992 married 1941 Luella Campbell deceased one son one daughter

Other classmates:

Olive Field 7-8

Oveta Wilson

1936 16 members, 10 boys and 3 girls

Superintendent B. G. Halverson deceased No Principal

Fay Beal deceased single male --worked in CCC Camp under FD Roosevelt

Virgil P. Brooks deceased 2010 married 1941 MaxineE. Cooper’37 deceased 1988 4 sons 3 daughters See pages 221.

Joseph Burley deceased single --killed in accident near tile factory, see page 78.

Walter Dale deceased married Darlene Sampson deceased sister of Milfordite

J. Edward ’Ed’ Eller deceased married 2)Esther Reise deceased married 1)Helen Twedt ‘38 deceased --died with child birth

Mary Ann Hopper married 1945 Vere Lawler deceased 1961 2 sons 5 daughters, In nursing home in Marshalltown, IA

Marvin Jacobson deceased married Alma _____ deceased See page 223.

Earl Lee deceased 1994 married Bertha _____ deceased

Betty McCord Senior class President deceased 1990 married 1943 1)Laverne Sorensen’36 deceased 1943 -G1 Klled by bus in Des Moines, 1990, married 2)Laverne McDonald deceased see pages 192, 232.

Frances Rasmusson deceased 1999 married 2)Bill Vasey deceased brother of Milfordite 1 son 1 daughter married 1)Hank Vasey deceased Killed in military by tanker, Bill was a cousin of Hank. See page 227.

Lester ’Les’ Shickell married 1946 Ruth Gildersleeve 1 son 3 daughters, Last of the 43rd Engeneers Division. Oldest Couple.

Laverne Sorensen deceased 1943 married Betty McCord ‘36 deceased 1 daughter, ‘Bud’ was killed in USAF training in KS see page 191.

Don Starbuck deceased married Gladyce ______ deceased

Other classmates:

Joe Alford deceased

Carrol Curtis

Stanley Curtis

Leonard Dueland deceased 1991 Nevada farmer married Bernadine Higgs deceased 1 son 1 daughter

Keith Eubanks deceased

Marjorie Fircher

Bud Gilreath deceased

Earl Lee

Edward Ladestein or Lodestein deceased

Henry Peterson deceased

1937 10 members, 7 boys and 3 girls

Superintendent B. G. Halverson deceased No Principal

Harvey Beal deceased 1997 married Mary Helen Oxley deceased 1985 1 daughter --honored after 45 yrs as an Ames School Patrol

Maxine Cooper Valedictorian deceased 1988 married 1941 Virgil Brooks’36 deceased 2010 4 sons 3 daughters See page 221.

Fred ’Fritz’ Eller deceased 1982 married 1944 Betty Berhow deceased 2010 3 sons 1 daughter

Lester Molde married 1943 Edithe Christman deceased 2004 1 son 3 daughters See page 228. ...In nursing home in Eau Claire, WI

Edward Sorensen ‘69/D M Detcy Brady B2G2 See page 78.

Richard Sorensen deceased 2001 married 1947 Ellen Dwight deceased 2009 2 sons 2 daughters, A CENTURY FARM (1990) in Milford Twp, pgs 246, 320.

Katherine Tendall Salutatoran deceased married Lester Hemer deceased 1980 2 sons 1 daughter See page 222.

Leonard Tendall deceased 2000 married 1948 48 2)Marian C. Davis deceased 4 sons 1 daughter married 1)Jean Apple deceased See page 222.

Dorothy Tesdal deceased _____ _____ deceased

Clifford Thomsen deceased 1996 married Lucille ’Lucy’ deceased 2011--died in TX; 2 sons 2 daughters Milford Twp farmer

Other classmates:

Stanley Ball deceased married 1936 Dorothy Farmi deceased sister of Milfordite last known address Bay, AR

Evelyn Bloomberg deceased

Joseph Burley -see page 78

Jesse Sharp- 7th

Donald Shearer married Lois 4 sons 2 daughters

Bob Wheelock deceased

James Wheelock

1938 15 members, 5 boys and 10 girls

Superintendent B. G. Halverson deceased No Principal

Marvin Brooks ‘79/’99 M’44 Virginia J. Heitkamp B4G1 See page 221.

Frances Christian deceased 1982 married 1943 Dr Borg Holen deceased 1998 1 son 2 daughters --Borg was the area Vet

Ruby Danielson deceased married Clyde Smith Jr. deceased brother of Milfordite

Rhoda Grimsley deceased 1999 married 1943 Nolan Grubb deceased 1995 2 sons 2 daughters --Obit said: ”Brilliant example of selflessness”

Weldon Kingsbury deceased 2003 married 1944 Mavis Cunningham 1 son 3 daughters

Mona Lee deceased married 1940 Lloyd Dickersen deceased 1 son 1 daughter --Lloyd was Ames Police Chief

James E. Matters deceased 1978 married Mildred Hemmingsen deceased 1 son 1 daughter

Lucille F. Menzel deceased 1985 marrked Duncan H. Irish deceased 1978 1 son 2 daughters

Margaret Nelson deceased single

Wayne H. Olinger married 1940 Helen W. Inglis deceased 1940 3 sons 4 daughters, last known Nevada, IA 50201

Grace Rasmusson deceased 1991 married 1944 Curtis Jacobson’40 deceased 1992 2 sons 2 daughters See page 227.

William L. Sharpe deceased 2010 married 1946 Carole J._____ deceased 2009 2 sons 2 daughters See pages 194-5, 291. Lived with Uncle, Bill Curtiss family.

Helen Twedt deceased married J. Edward ’Ed’ Eller’36 deceased

Velda Wakefield deceased 2010 married 1940 Orville Oliver deceased 1971 2 sons 2 daughters

Blanche Williams married divorced Max Cook deceased 1 daughter last known address in a nursing home in Mountain View, MO

Other classmates:

John Eller

Eva Gerdamann

Clifford Gunder 5th grader from NY

Martha Marah 6th

Tom McGrath

Glendora Mann

Alberta Sanders 6th

Vern Sandwick

Earl Stevenson died 1938 see page 74

Doris Warren

1939 6 members, 4 boys and 2 girls

Superintendent B. G. Halverson deceased No Principal

Ben Durby deceased 1994 married 1968 Lois Sevde Stone 4 sons 1 daughter See page 226. Last known address Roland IA

Grace Molde married 1942 James M. Helland 1 son 1 daughter, last known address Story City, IA

Walter Jacobson deceased 2005 married 1947 Marlys Kratz Milford teacher 1949-’51 2 daughters last known address Des Moines, IA

James McCord Senior class President, Valedictorian deceased 2000 married Marilyn Solem See pages 40, 49. --last known address Cathedrel City, CA

Inez T. Sampson married 1946 Edward Rudny deceased 1998 1 daughter last known address Mesa, AZ

Raymond Sorensen deceased 1990 married 1943 Sally Hansen‘43 deceased 1 son 3 daughters

Betty Starbuck deceased 2011 married Merle Daily deceased 1979 2 daughters

Other classmates:

Jack Alfred deceased married Myrna Carlson deceased

Delores Borts

Sarah Hegeland married Louis Borton 2 daughters

Dale Marah 5th

Arnold Nelson 1-10th

Doris Shickell deceased

Marlin Thompson

Olive Twedt

Willard Warren deceased.

1940 15 members, 12 boys and 3 girls

Superintendent B. G. Halverson deceased No Principal

Betty Arneson married 1943 Donald Hansen deceased 2006 3 sons See page 316. Story City, IA 50248

Donald ’Jack’ Borts deceased 1960 married Ilo _____ deceased 1 daughter last known had a fatal heart attack in CA

LaVern A Brooks deceased 1968 married 1944 Doris P. Price deceased 2004 3 sons 3 daughters See page 221.

Robert Cooper deceased 2010 married 1942 Maxine Swenson deceased 2010 1 son 3 daughters

Margaret Edgerton married _____ Gerness (lived with MacAllen’s) 19402 Cindy Lane, Huntington Beach,CA 92964

Dixon L. Harper deceased 2012 married 2005 (at 83 yrs) 2)Harriet Iverson Nisson 828 855 1913.. 511 B, 26th Av NE, Hickory, NC 28601 See page 200, 224. married 1947 1)Shirley Thevenin deceased 2005 1 son 1 daughter married 58yrs --last known in Germantown, WI 53022

Curtis Jacobson deceased 1992 married 1943 Grace Rasmusson‘38 deceased 1991 2 sons 2 daughters See page 227.

Leonard Jones deceased married _____ _____ deceased last known address in Ft Dodge,IA

Edward Larsen deceased 2009 married 1946 Vada Marcy deceased 2012 3 sons 1 daughter. A CENTURY FARM, last known address a nursing home in Huxley, IA

Mary Olinger Senior class President deceased married Bill Frisbie deceased

George J. Peterson deceased 1944 married Magda Gronkek ---- KILLED in France. MILITARY in 1944, see page 193.

Donald Rasmusson deceased 1992 married divorced Doris Classon 2 sons 1 daughter See page 227.

Charles Sorensen deceased 1985 married Charlotte Johnson deceased 1 son 4 daughters

Kermit Sorensen deceased 1987 married Gerri Heibner deceased 2005 1 son 1 daughter. ‘Shorty’, see pages 246, 320.

Donald Wakefield deceased married 1947 Frances Kroger deceased 1 son 1 daughter

Other classmates:

Dwight Eubank 4th

Glen Larson

Albert Marah 4th

Lester Matters

Robert Matters see pages 36,194.

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