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Ron Pauley
Ron Pauley, `60, takes a break and gets some rest with his parents from his work as a sailor for Uncle Sam. The picture on the wall between Ron and his Mom is Geri Pauley, `62N.
Vic Pauley, Janitor, 1955-`61
and CP Thompson, Supt, 1957-`61
Rarely has it been captured on film so well, but these two guys with their "hands in the cookie jar" expressions is a prize winner. Picture from about 1960.
Arlen Twedt
Arlen Twedt, `62N, looking very graceful, puts up a fingerroll and probably scores for Milford. Perhaps he's rebounding but he looks graceful. Freshman Wayne Tjernagel `64N (glasses) studies the form for future reference while Gary Brooks `62N admires. The game is against Stanhope at Milford.
Left: Excuse me, some room please!
Wayne Tjernagel, `64N as a freshman for Milford in the 1961 season, clears a path for himself.
Wayne is in the "Hall of Fame" section on page 198.
Ol' Milford Farmer know: no one pay attention until you're wrong.
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