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The Harlan Harper Family 1966
The Harper family, pictured in 1961, with Dixon, Joe, and Harlan in the back row and Dorothy "Dotty" (Likely), Karel (Hedrick), and Mary (Lackore) in the middle row. In the front are Roger, Harlan and Joan (Parsons), (Dad and Mom) and Lowell. The occasion was Harlan and Joan's 40th anniversary.

The Harlan H. Harper family moved to the northeast quarter of Section 5 (one mile west and 2 _ north of Milford Twp School) on the first of March of 1934 and lived there until about 1947. In 1935 a dam was constructed and 5000 trees planted near Bear Creek on their farm. During the three school years 1938-'40, there were 7 of the 8 Harper children on the school bus. All eight, who were within 14 years, attended Milford Twp School and were very involved in school activities, instrumental in the 4-H programs see pages 238-242, and agricultural practices. The eight children with their respective date of high school graduation are: Dixon `40, Harlan Jr `41, Dorothy `43, Roger `46, Joe `47, Lowell `49A, Mary Lou `51A and Karel `54A. Five-- Dixon, Harlan, Dotty, Roger, and Joe graduated from Milford Township and the others graduated from Ames after Harlan Harper Sr. sold the farm.

Mary, Also page 322 , graduated from Ames in 1951 and returned to Milford Township as a teacher during the school year of 1953-54. Dixon became a nationally known farm broadcaster See page 200. Seven of eight earned college educations, four from ISU. In 2005, when Dixon's wife of 58 years died, he remarried at age 83 page 200 .

The Harper family followed 4-H footsteps page 238 . Both Dixon and Harlan P. Jr earned trips to the National 4-H Club Congress. Harlan P. was the State 4-H Vice President in 1942. Both Harlan and Dorothy served as Story County 4-H Officers. Harlan was Pres in 1940 and Dorothy was Vice-Pres in 1942. All were very active exhibitors. Harlan Jr was a member of the National Award Winning ISC Livestock Judging Team. Page 206.

Dixon and Harlan Jr. served in the military during the Second World War. Dixon was an aerial gunner while Harlan Jr was a Navy First Class Radioman from 1944-1946 see pages 194-5.

One of the most remarkable facets of the Harlan Harper family is that each of their children -lead by Harlan and Joan's 61 year marriage- was successful in long marriages- all over 50 years. Two of daughters married ministers and the third, Karel, married a PhD professor. See various articles in Chapter VI.

A Harper farm ad on page 311. See Joe on pages 206 & 218.

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