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Some MILFORDITES who SERVED as 4-H LEADERS in OTHER COMMUNITIES (`yr is their grad year):

`31 Dorothy Sowers Bielefeldt (Vere), Howard Twp

`32 Mabel Hansen Alfred (Joe'32), Ames Busy Bees

`33 Alvina Dueland Moseback (Howard), Nevada Twp

`34 Mary Allen Vilmont (Homer)

`36 Walter Dale, Grant Twp

`36 Leonard Dueland, Nevada Twp

`37 Richard Sorensen, Grant Twp

`40 Dixon'Dix'Harper, Jr Leader, Kenosha Co, WI

`41 Stanley Egland, Richland Midstate

`42 Myrtle Nassen Harper (HarlanJr'42), Harden Co. 6yrs

`43 Dorothy Harper Likely, Pattis and Crawford Co, MO

`43 Glen Sampson, Richland Midstate See pages 265, 283

`47 Joe Harper, Colo See pages 206, 224, 238, 240.

`48 Gloria Warren Grant (James)

`49 Doris Moser Olson (Dean), Washinton Happenings

`50 Juanita Warren Behm (John) in IL, 10yrs. See page 209.

`54 Arlene Steward Hertz (Gerald) in Woodbury and Polk Counties and she also did 4-H Judging in those counties

`56 Jurine Borton Moore in Linn County 10 yrs - Mari Linn - and helped organize the Springville Sensation. Also did 4-H judging in Iowa, Jackson, Johnson and Linn Counties. See page 211.

`60R Janet Hansen Collins, New Albany Co Pioneers 10 yrs.


Stanley Egland `42, Supt Swine Dept, Story Co Fair 12 yrs.

Joe Harper `47, Supt of Swine 1992-'99, Iowa State Fair,

Bob Williams `51, Iowa State Fair Beef Show, 8 yrs.

Jurine Borton Moore `56, Iowa 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees 1994-2000, the maximum of six year.

Loren Book'64N, 4-H member and 1982-1983 Milford leader, proudly poses by his restored `UB' Special at one of his Milford Antique Plowing Days. He has served as International Pres of the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors Club for six years and three years of the Story County Cattleman's Association. Photo of 2010 plow event page 339.

Norman Honderd, Art Borton and Pete Hadley won the 1957 Story County 4-H Livestock Judging competition. All three fellows were in the class of 1957 and helped with Milford's success at basketball in both 1956 and 1957. Other 4-H pictures on pages 255, 265, 274+.

1948 TB Screening

In 1948, for a TB awareness and prevention effort, Milford Twp was selected for a place to have everyone tested for TB. So, on 29 July 1948 the 512 residents were given the opportunity to have a free miniature X-ray taken with overall results studied by the State. Also see pages 65, 319.

We had been selected, for better or worse, because we were one of the most rural (would this mean isolated?) townships in the State. About 90% of the folks participated despite a violent thunderstorm in the A.M.

Helen Horness`53 received, as a door prize, a fine electric toaster donated by Reedholm Hardware in Nevada.

Right: Ruth Warren`54, has her x-ray taken and her photo taken through the open door of the portable trailer that had been brought to the School by the Story County Tuberculosis Assoc and the Iowa Dept of Health. It is interesting to look at Ruth's styles of the times. The only thing different from a stylish young lady in Jr High now might be the two-toned shoes (saddle shoes). Also page 274.

Ol' Milford Farmer learn: Friction can be a drag sometimes.
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