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The Only Twins to Graduate Milford
Above and Right: The Howland twins graduated in 1928- left Bernice, "Bernie" and Bernita. They were the only twins to graduate at Milford. Bernice got a BA in 1938 at ISC. Bernita got a BS at ISC in 1932 and a MS at Columbia in `33.
Left: This souvenir ribbon was won by Dorothy Day at a County event about two months after the opening of the new brick building at Milford. Dorothy Day left Milford in c. 1927 and graduated Nevada in c.1929.

On the Fourth of July in 1924, there was a huge event at the Dayton Park which was now operated by the Lee Bros. It would have been next to impossible not to attend if the admission price of 35 cents was not too steep. Some of the attractions- There was a "Monstrous Balloon Ascension", one of the largest in the United States where a fellow will try to break altitude records for gas balloons before he leaps with a parachute. Three aero planes with stunt flying with rides offered at a very reasonable rate, two games of baseball with three teams playing for a purse that will make them play their best. Swim in the concrete pool. Picnic Grounds with 80 acres to accommodate everyone. "The Flying Whites", America's super acrobats with "The Two Belmonts", a novelty tight wire act. Dance day and night to the music of Hapac Grotto 55 piece band. Plus a display of Fireworks that will astonish and amaze you. And then there was the standard attractions of Dayton's Park, the boating, roller skating and a popular price cafe. "A real celebration, one of the biggest and best in the Middle West." No record of the attendance or the weather could be found but it is assumed that this event was a big success. See also page 45.

Paraphrased from the Nevada Paper of spring 1961: </p>

Milford's last Athletic Banquet was held at the School gym where the capital "M"s were awarded to the baseball, basketball, and cheerleader squads.

More than 250 parents and students crowded the gym floor for the banquet, the entertainment and the featured speaker Dave Sisam, Grand View College Coach.

Gwen Jacobson, of the class of 1960, delivered the address of welcome where she was quoted, "The size of the athlete is measured by the size of the things it takes to get him down," and stressed the importance of Milford's student body working hard toward continued achievement on the teams of the schools. Wayne Tjernagel took her to heart and when he played for Nevada, did very well and was selected for their HOF.

Perhaps the biggest laugh of the evening was for Dixie Thomas's effort at a well known phrase when talking of the girls' record of 2-17 and the boys record of 8-12, "It's not whether you win. . . .er . . . .it's not whether you lose. . . .it's. . . it's. . . . aw, SKIP IT!"

Coach Sisam told the audience among other things, "Competition is an integral part of our America and a lot of it can be learned form athletics."

Basketball letters were awarded to Dixie Thomas, Judy Thomsen, Maxine Horness, Margaret Haugland, Linda Hughes, Geri Pauley, Karen Thompson, Sandy Sorem, Fred Eller, Arlen Twedt, Wayne Tjernagel, Dick Coy, Gary Brooks, Bruce Strother, and Mark Danielson. Cheerleader letters went to Carolyn Van Zee, Karen Petersen, Dixie Thomas, Karen Thompson and Geri Pauley.

In 1952, when Drake football player Johnny Bright didn't show up for the Athletic Banquet, Coach Gerald Petersen was asked by Supt Larry Baldus to be the main speaker. Other speakers over the years have been: 1955- Jim Zabel, WHO; 1956-Bill Stranigan; Al Cupa, KRNT; Larry Miller `56, spoke in 1958.

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