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The class of 1946 as perhaps eighth graders in spring 1942 with Roger Harper, Don Morfey, Loren Sampson, Loren Rierson, Bob Watson, Lendell Manley in the front row. The identification is missing, however, it is thought that left to right the girls are Marguerete Halverson, Barbara Hansen, Margaret Matters, Lola Arneson, Ila Bailey, Mavis Warren, Patty Allen with J Edwin Lee, Jr High Teacher.
Rhoda `50, Norman `57, and Ida Honderd in about 1946. Ida was the former Ida Jacobs and attended Pleasant Grove School. Ida became the "go to" person for any information about the Pleasant Grove area and Rhoda was the "go-to" person for Milford Alumni Reunions.
Notice the "old" style 4-H uniform worn by Rhoda. It is thought this style was changed in about 1947. See other 4-H photos on pages 265, 274+, 279, 300, 319 and story page 238.
The sixteenth annual Reunion of the Milford Alumni Association was held in Nevada on 7 June 1946. James McCord acted as toastmaster. A crowd of about 70 attended. The following year the event was held at a tea room at Younkers in Des Moines in early May.
A gathering of some of the guys of `46-'47: Bob Watson, Don Morfey, Roger Harper, Richard Stevenson, Kenny Watson, Joe Harper, Stanley Sorem probably at the gas pump that was to the northeast of the janitor's door to the School just before the class "skip day" to Des Moines.
Skip Day spring 1946, Don Morfey, Bob Watson, Roger Harper, and Lendell Manley take a break on a lawn in Des Moines.
The Class of 1946
Skip Day in Des Moines 1946. Back: Bob Watson, Middle: Lendell Manley, Roger Harper, Don Morfey. Front: Barbara Hanson, Shirley Gardner, Patty Allen, Ila Mae Bailey.
Ol' Milford Farmer know: a budget is an organized way to go broke.
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