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1959 (Above) Top: Connie Petersen, Nadine Safly, Ronnie Strother, Julie Cox, Sharyl Buchanan. Middle Dick Thompson, Supt CP Thompson, Sponsor Rodger Pitstick, William Jacobson. Lower: David Bhend, Norene Hughes, Jerry Book, Geraldine Fitzgerald.
1960 (Below) Top: Janet Simonsen, Douglas Brooks, Janet Sorensen, Larry Thompson, Betty Otto, Ronald Rasmusson. Middle: William Fuss, Gwendolyn Jacobson, Supt CP Thompson, Prin Mrs Cecil Finch. Lower: Ronald Pauley.
Note: 1961 Milford's Last Class -7 Graduates- is on page 188.
A War Bond
Nevada Banker, Don Warnke, hands Pres Jurine Borton `56 a $25 Savings Bond as Milford Merry Maids Leader Edna Hughes, along with Janet Rasmusson `58 and Norene Hughes `59, smiles approval. It was in 1953 and the 12 members had earned the money at a box social. Edit: The bond probably cost $18.75 at the time. It almost seems unbelievable now that $18.75 could be such a big deal as to "buy a bond" and have a picture in the newspaper when a single meal at a fancy restaurant nowadays could cost that much and it is difficult to keep a meal cost for two under $20.
This is the Pleasant Grove gravestone of Wesley Arrasmith, one of the earliest men to arrive in the Milford area. He held land patents on 4-40 acre plots in the area, less than a mile, northeast of Pleasant Grove. They were the NW/NW (1854), SW/NW (1854), SE/NW (1855), and NE/ SW (1858) forties of Sec 5. Some of this land is "under" I-35 now. When he arrived he was a neighbor of the Brouhards (The Brouhard Cemetery), one of the most early gentlemen in NW Story County. The Arrasmith family has had a representative in NW Milford almost continuously since that time and, in the late forties and early fifties, had a gas station across the road south of Milford School. Max Arrasmith's (`32) Mother, at one time, lived in the nice house that is visible "up the hill" to the left in the Soper's Mill picture on page 49.
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