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1968-1998 Graduates (Cont'd)
Wilson, Gale ‘79
Wilson, Mark ‘69
Wilson, Nancy ‘69
Wilson, Patricia ‘69
Wilson, Richard ‘77
Wilson, Steve ‘73
Wilson, Vic ‘97
Winger, Jerry ‘69
Winger, Jeff ‘72
Winters, Sarah ‘79
Wirth, Tammy ‘88
Wisnieski, Barbara ‘80
Wisnieski, David ‘81
Wisnieski, Jeff ‘87
Wisnieski, Julie ‘89 N
Wisnieski, Thomas ‘82 N
Wissler, Holly ‘77
Wissler, Janelle ‘73
Wissler, Kelly ‘96
Wissler, Randi Lea ‘69
Witcanack, Lex ‘73
Wolf, Chad ‘97
Wolsoncroft, Paul ‘85
Wood, Brian ‘96
Wood, Julie ‘90
Wood, Mike ‘93
Woodley, Crystal ‘90
Woodley, LaDonna ‘92
Woolsoncroft, Stacey ‘83
Worrall, Mike ‘75
Wright, Eddie ‘72
Wright, Evelyn ‘70
Wright, Jessie ‘98
Wright, Linda ‘75
Wright, Marvin ‘78
Wright, Mike ‘94
Wright, Rendee ‘92
Wright, Sarah ‘95
Wycoff, Carl ‘73
Wycoff, Earl ‘71
Wycoff, Gregory ‘90
Wycoff, Jeff ‘98
Wycoff, Joseph ‘96
Wycoff, Marcie ‘93
Wycoff, Marlys ‘76
Wycoff, Matt ‘96
Wyninegar, Ernest ‘86
Yeager, Becky ‘87
Yingst, Joshua ‘97
Yocum, Gary ‘86
Yocom, Jerry ‘74
Yoder, Deborah ‘76
Yoder, Donna ‘73
Yoder, Jacqueline ‘82
Yoder, Mary’80
Young, Robert ‘69
Young, Evan ‘77
Young, Justin ‘92
Young, Lori ‘82
Young, Michael ‘78
Young, Robin ‘76
Young, Sandra ‘81
Young, Terri ‘79
Zimmerman, Clint ‘94
Zimny, Brenda ‘88
Zimny, Carol ‘93
Zimny, Karen ‘85
Zmolek, Terry ‘92

The Nevada Middle School Milford Site closed in May of 1991 so the Graduation Class of 1998 was the last class to experienced such educational opportunities in Milford Twp!

Prin, Robert Frank   1966-70
Prin, Dr Lelad Wolf  1966-70
Prin, Harv Hindley   1970-71
Prin, Arlen Padgett  1970-71
Prin, Jim Walker     1978-91
SECRETARY:   Davis, Patty
Arnold, Terry O'Neil 1975-76
Davis, Mr & Mrs Bob
Durby, Mr & Mrs
Galloway, Mr
Hanson, Mr
Myers, Cecil
Mitchell, Bonnie
Padgett, Mr
Page, Phil
Schoep, Arden
Heintz, Lois
Moore, Mary (Don)
Pauley, Hazel (Vic)   1961-9
Stahl, Barbara
Thomas, Evelyn (Henry)
Weber, Dixie   8 years
Berry, Larry 1970-89
Pauley, Vic   1966-71
See, Earnie (summers)1969- ?
Anderson, Mr       5th        1969-70
Bauer, Mrs         5th        1969-70
Blauvelt, Ms       BD         1967-68
Boester, Mrs       5th        1978-79
Busch, Mrs         Music      1969-71
Butler, Mrs        6th        1967-68
Castle, Mrs        Art        1968-71
Clausen, Mrs       5th        1968-69
Collings, Mr       6th        1968-?
Cook, Mrs          Art        1968-69
FACULTY (Cont'd)
Doolittle, Mrs     5th        1961-70
Terry, Mrs         5th-6th    1966-69
Dunn, Mr           6th        1967-80
Faquet, Mr         Band
Flanery, Mrs       6th        1985-91
Gallagher, Mrs     5th        1966-91
Goethals, Ms       Art        1969-91
Gustafson, Mr      6th        1968-85
Halverson, Mrs     RN         1970-71
Hardin Nedtwig Mrs 5th        1978-’91
Johnson, Mrs       6th        1980-91
Kellogg, Mr        5th        1970-71
Kleiss, Mrs        6th        1969-70
Knapus, Mrs        Library
Krambeck, Mr       PE         1966-67
Large, Mr          PE         1967-68
Matsteller, Mrs    5th        1966-67
McBirney, Mrs S    Ed         1966-71
Moeckley,Eleanor   5th
Moen, Mr           6th        1987-91
Myers, Crystal     Vocal Music
Netz, Ms           Library    1986-91
Niblock, Mrs       6th        1968-69
Olsen, Mrs         5th-6th    1979-82
Osmundson Mrs      6th        1968-91
Patterson, Mrs     Bd         1969-71
Payton, Mr         6th        1970-71
Perkins, Mr        6th        1967-71
Place, Ms          Music      1966-68
Rehor, Mrs         5th        1966-67
Rolland, Ms        5th        1979-91
Safly, Mrs         6th        1968-69
Seikmeier,Mrs      6th        1968-69
Smith, Mrs         5th        1978-84
Stowe, Ms          RN         1970-71
Sullivan, Mr       6th        1985-91
Thompson, Mr       Sp Ed
Toot, Mr Joe       6th        1970-91
VanSickle, LeAnn   Ph Ed
Volkmer, Mrs       5th        1968-69
Weaver, Ms         6th        1962-68
Weber, Mr          Reading    1989-90
Wilson Whitaker Ms 6th        1968-69
Principal, Mr Frank
Nurse, Mrs ML Halverson
1961 Jr. High Girls Team: Front: Marjorie Fitzgerald, Delores Brooks, Kathleen Haugland, Barb Jacobson, Sherri Tjelmeland, Kathy Jacobson. Back: Ruth Reinhart, Linda Wakefield, Sally Coy, Margaret Wierson, Barbara Baker, Jean Baker, Coach Jim Dodd. See page 202.
This typical class, totally unidentified, represents some of the students of Milford Attendance Center
Mrs Williams Cinnamon Rolls

Mrs Lon (Emma) Williams, long time cook at Milford School in the 1950’s, had a formula for making the best cinnamon rolls that have ever been created. The following recipe, and we think and hope that it is the one she used at School, is reproduced for your dining pleasure.

2 pkgs yeast               1 cup sugar
1/3 cup warm water         6 beaten eggs
2 cups milk                8 cup flour enough to
1 scant cup shortening       make soft dough
2 t. salt

Soften yeast in warm water, scald milk, let cool. Add sugar, salt and shortening to cooked milk. Then add flour to make soft dough. Mix well. Add yeast mixture and eggs. Mix thoroughly. Knead in bowl until smooth and satiny. Cover and let rise in warm place until double in size. (About 1 1/2 Hours)

When light, punch down and let rest 10 minutes. Divide batter into fourths, Roll each fourth into long narrow strips 1/4 inch thick and 6 inches wide. Spread with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Roll like jelly roll and cut rolls about 1 inch thick. Place in well greased pan, let rise until double in size. Bake about 25 min. at 350 degrees.

Milfordites serving on Nevada School Board:
1962        John Fitzgerald  Others on pgs 17, 166.
1964-1969   Jeff Rasmusson’32
1968-1970   Leanard Dueland ‘36
1978-1985   Art Borton’57; VP ’79,’80, Pres. ’80,’83.
1979-1981   Duane Brodie’56; VP ’80, Pres. ’81.
1999-2002   Rene Larsen
2007-20__   Marty Chitty’77; VP 2008-’11, Pres. 2011- Present
Glaze for Cinnamon Rolls
1 1/2 cups confectioner’s sugar
4 T. hot milk
1/2 t. Vanilla
Mix until smooth. Spread over hot rolls. See pages 94, 180. See other Milford recipes page 252.
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