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that the public understood the plan. There was still some opposition, but the board approved the plan, and the new Community Life Program became effective. Three group homes were built in Ames, and an administrative building/workshop. A lot of time and effort went into this pro- gram, and the planning and follow through. During the transition, Larry Rohret let his employment with the county and Gayla Hardin was hired as the Community Life Director. Edit: More about the County Home on pages 46 +.

"My education at Milford Township was instrumental in providing me with the leadership skills that I needed, first to get the job as Community Services Director, and second to be able to submit programs to the Board of Supervisors, and to convince the public to accept the programs. Through the years, I took classes at night to give me the skills to keep my job at the top notch level that was expected by the Board of Supervisors. Lois and Howard Sandell would have been proud of their final product. I worked for Story County for thirty four years, and retired with a wonderful send off given by my staff of fifteen, and the current Board of Supervisors."

Caroling at the County Home

In the Christmas season of 1956 the High School students went to the Story County Home to sing a few songs and share the Christmas spirit. This was not done by the High School enough to be called a tradition but the 4-H Clubs did make the trip literally every year.

Many of the students enjoyed the time spent at the County Home but, on the other hand, there were those who did not because of one reason or another. Some saw things they did not want to see and reflected on these things happening to their older loved ones. Some commented of the stifling heat and the unfamiliar or unpleasant odors which took no imagination to identify them. Even though students had one memory or another, few forgot their experience of going to the Story County Home.

Three useful items at any farm in the early 20th century were, from left to right, the "chicken chopping block", the wood shed- more likely the coal shed, and the necessities house. Shown here at a Living History Site.

Above: A fund raiser project published in 1935. It contains about 300 recipes and the name of the submitter is included so it makes interesting reading. Also, there are numerous ads with the telephone numbers on a few- such as Peterson Floral at phone 7 or 7-2R Nevada or Reedholm Hardware phone 101 Nevada.

A portion of the proceeds was used to put new soundboard at the back of the stage.

In 1956, also as a band fundraiser, another cook book was published; and, both were reissued in 2009.

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