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Milford Twp Consolidated School(s) Personnel
School Board

SCHOOL BOARD: Listed are known board members and years they served on the Milford Twp Consolidated School Board. The Supt was also on the board. Iowa school board members were usually between 40-60 years of age.

1920: Records indicate that Milford Twp voted to Consolidated on Jan 28; Feb.13 the original board was elected and on Feb 18 it was organized: Pres-Frank Allen: David O.Christy, E.G. Morfey, Jacob Twedt: Oscar G.Twedt. Sec-Howard Minkler and Treas- Henry Birkeland. See also page 310.

1924: Pres-Frank Allen, Charlie Alfred, James Curtiss, E.G.Morfey, Oscar Twedt.

1925-’26: Pres-Frank Allen, Sec-J.W.Gilreath, James Curtiss, J.S.Danielson, Balus Howland, Oscar Twedt.

1928-’29: Pres-Carl Warren, Balus Howland.

1929-’30: Pres-Frank Allen, George Kimble, Balus Howland and Carl Warren.

1930: Pres-George A.Kimble.

1931: Pres-Frank Allen.

1933: Pres-Guy Wakefield, Charles Alfred, D.O.Christy, Frank Menzel, Oscar Twedt.

1935: Pres-Guy Wakefield (1927-’35?, Pres in 1927 and in 1935 was elected Pres for the 3rd consecutive year.), Charles Alfred, D.O.Christy, Frank Menzel, Oscar Twedt.

1936: Pres-Charles Alfred.

1942: Pres Harry Sorensen.

1943-’44: Pres-Mac Allen(also served as Pres 1947-’48 and as Sec in 1931): Sec-Mrs C.S.(Jennie)Christy (Sec1938- ’52,14yrs): Treas-Joe Haugen, George W.Manley(1944- ’50): H.H.Matters, John Sorem, Harry Sorensen.

1949-’50: Pres-Amil Twedt’33(1948-’50 was Pres1949 & 1950), Sec-Jennie Christy, Treas-Myron Larson, Mac Allen, George Manley, Jeff Rasmusson’32(1950 & 961), Lon Williams.

1950-’51: Pres-Virgil Brooks’36(1950-55 was Pres 1951), Roy Borton, Ralph Brodie, Magnus Simonson(1951-’58), George Roberts. 1951: Held celebration for burning the Original Mortgage. See page 18.

1955: Erling Shold.

1956 Milford Twp School Board
Also see pages 18 & 167 for other board photos.
Bill Christy, Milo Hadley, Supt Keith D. Hopkins, President John Fitzgerald, Secretary Leon Wilson, Mrs Morris (Frances) Danielson, George Roberts.

1956-’57: Pres-Mrs Morris (Frances) Danielson (1956-’60 was Pres 1957 & 1959), Sec-Leon Wilson (was Sec 1953- ’61, 8 yrs), Bill Christy, John Fitzgerald (1955-’61 was Pres 1955-’57 & 1960), Milo Hadley (1955’58), George Roberts(1952-’61), Don Wakefield (‘40) (1957- ’61), Treas- Mrs Ross(Grace)Morfey.

1958: Pres-Mrs Lester‘32 (Margaret)Brooks (1958-’60)

1959-’60: Pres-Robert Strother(1959-’61 was Pres 1960 and 1961), Richard Sorensen(1959-’61).

1960-’61: Milford Township Consolidated Schools final school board consisted of Pres-Robert Strother, John Fitzgerald, Jeff Rasmusson (‘32), Richard Sorensen (‘37), Don Wakefield (‘40). Sec-Leon Wilson, Supt C.P.Thompson. See page 18.

Milfordites who served on other School Boards:

Ames: Frank W ‘Bill’ Allen’48 (1965-1971)

Roland-Story: Boyd Brodie’81N (2006-20? Vice Pres in 2010 and President in 2011)

Nevada Comm School Board See page 334.

Honoring Our School Board
by Patsy Manley Smith, Class of 1951, in
memory of her father, George W.Manley.

They were asked to share some time. No, it wouldn’t pay a dime. The evening come on a monthly basis. Year round they met regarding rules, regulations. and hiring new faces.

Patsy Manley ‘51

Some evenings grain was waiting in the fields; the rains that night would fault the yields. Still the responsibility did remain, that school board night prevailed instead of grain.

Decisions regarding who would qualify to teach their children which rules apply. Someone had to do the job; it would be those who chose NOT to hide.

Children, parents, sports’ teams abound. How to please this entire crowd. Yet pleasing all was not the aim; it was what curriculum could assist their children’s future to attain.

The 1952 Annual was dedicated to the Board and Sec Mrs Carl Christy. Also, the 1958 Annual was ded- icated to their School Board

Their constant caring and consistent pride, prepared their children able to provide. A future success locally, or if they chose to live world wide;

Our school board had to have guts and be bold, so children could simply achieve their goals. They did not attain wealth nor fame, but a simple knowledge they had provide a positive future generational strain.

Our thanks to them, for they became involved, their love, efforts, & concern for us, was their basic resolve. We honor them tonight with our returned gratitude. Wherever they are, may they know a life with God’s blessings, and of peaceful solitude.

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