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Milford Township and Proud of It

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This c. 1915 map of Milford Twp illustrates very nicely the location of the nine one-room schools and the creek drainage. The hashered lines in the southwest quarter of the township outline a drainage district. Compare with page 6.
1877 - Farm for Sale

"An improved farm of 180 acres, surrounded by timber, well adapted for stock raising, about 20 acres timber with the farm, located 6 miles from C.N.W.R.R., and within 40 rod of Soper's Grist Mill in Milford twp,- will sell at reasonable price and easy terms. Q.K.HILL "

This interesting sale notice appeared in the 1877 Nevada Paper. One of the things that is distinctive is the name of the Mill in northwest Milford Twp Here it is called "Soper's Grist Mill" while in an ad at the same time for services offered by the grist mill, it is referred to as "Milford Mills". 40 rod is an eighth of a mile. See page 54.

Two Creameries in Milford Twp

In 1895, Story County had fourteen creameries, thirteen of them in active operation. Milford Twp had two, one of which was the newest in the county. This was the creamery that was located one mile west of the current Milford Twp school building in the northwest corner of Sec 21. It was located about 75 yards east from the intersection of the roads on the south side of the road. (Now E-29 and 580th) It was built in the summer of 1894 and placed in production in Nov of that year. The name of it was the Farmers' Creamery Co. and sometimes called the Milford Farmers' Creamery. It was not the largest, but "there are few creameries in the state that have a better building or that are arranged more conveniently.

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