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On a sunny clear day in the winter of 2006-'07, this photo, taken from the south, shows some of the gradual and unavoidable aging of Milford School. However, with the addition of a coat of paint on the greenhouse, which now is boarded up, it would give the impression, at least from the exterior, that it's ready for young scholars. Also, to the east of the school is shown some of the accumulation of articles that has taken place.

The 1926 map shows the roads that had been graveled at the time along with the rural mail routes- Roland, Nevada, Ames and Story City. Also, note that by this time, the rural one room schools have disappeared from Milford Twp but three are still in existence in west Richland Twp. and a couple are visible in Franklin Twp. The numbering of the Secs is visible and the two churches in Milford Twp are shown in Secs 7 and 18. This map also shows Dry Creek in North Milford Twp. This seems noteworthy in that the famous Hoover farmstead of the 1860 fire sat just to the south side of this creek in east half of Sec 4. Also, a drowning occurred in this creek along the road that runs north- south through the middle of Sec 4- See page 72. Note also on the north side of Sec 4, the road only goes a half mile east west.

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