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Sharon Nelson, `64 Nevada, served as the Girls Story County 4-H President in the mid `60s. Pictured here with Sharon and the gavels is the Boys President, Franklin Albertson, of Franklin Township. Sharon lived a mile to the west from Milford and around the corner to the south. She is the daughter of Ona and Warren Nelson and has a sister, Sandi, who married fellow Milfordite Eddie Allen, `58. See page 239.
1954 Milford representation in the Story County 4-H Chorus. Left: Director Leslie Henderson, Ruth Warren, Loyd Hughes, Jurine Borton, Dale Hughes, Norman Honderd, Art Borton. This was the first year of this Chorus and the Chorus was only in existance for about three years. It grew out of the newly organized Story County 4-H Builders Club. Both organizations were the only ones of their type in the State. They sang at such places as the State 4-H Conferences, and other events at Iowa State College, and at the Iowa State Fair. They had one "gig" on WOI-TV.

Edit- I recall this TV event quite vividly as about three minutes before air time, when everybody was milling around, one of the ladies associated with the chorus came to me and said, "Dale, I don't want to hear a sound out of you. Just stand up there in the back row with Curtis (Townswick), mouth the words, and look pretty!" She was referring to the fact that I sang the bass part an octave lower than it was written and she didn't like that. The bass part was too high for my voice range. It was perhaps my first, but definitely, my last participation with the Story County 4-H Chorus.

The Class of 1956 in 1955 and 51 Years Later 2006
Above: Wilbert Hadley, Jurine Borton, Ed Needham, Hazel Horness, Ron Otto, Loyd Hughes, Shirley Meyer, Larry Miller, Irene Hodgson, Vernon Olson, Jack Allen, Mrs Sandell, Duane Brodie. Occasion- the Jr-Sr Banquet in the spring of 1955. Absolutely no effort was made to "duplicate" the upper photo with the lower, and just look at the similarity in placement of the individuals: Wilbert on the left, Jurine and Hazel changed places, Irene and Shirley, even Dale in place of his brother Loyd by Ron Otto, Mrs Cochrane in place of Lois Sandell. See pages 189, 251.
Below: Wilbert Hadley, Hazel Horness Jessen, Jurine Borton, Larry Miller, Dale Hughes `55, Mrs Larry (Shirley) Miller, Ron Otto, Mrs Ron (Sandy) Otto, Irene Hodgson, Mrs Loren (Shirley Meyer) Hovland, Mrs Ev (Marge) Cochrane, Loren Hovland. Occasion- the fiftieth anniversary class reunion. Missing from the photo were Ed, Duane, Jack, Vernon, and Loyd Hughes, who was the first member of the class who has died (cancer 1998).
Milford Girls 4-H Begins

In March of 1928 Milford started a club for the young ladies of high school age that was named the "Gritty Pards" This club seems to have integrated with another called the Milford Merry Maids to become the 4-H club. In 1928 there was a convention and some of the girls went to it. Their emblem was the same as the 4-H club. The local Pres was Arlet Christian, Vice Pres was Viola Danielson, Publicity Chair was Thelma Peterson, and Secretary was Dorothy Day, and Treasurer was Margaret Hereim. Also 238

Ol' Milford Farmer think: better keep words soft and sweet, just in case I have to eat `em.
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