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John Fitzgerald operates his famous "Pull them up the Hill" John Deere Tractor for sledding parties at his farm. By blocking the tractor and lifting the right wheel, that wheel would turn and wind up the rope.
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John Fitzgerald's Sledding Parties

The following lines from Geraldine Fitzgerald Dobbe, `59:

"One of my favorite memories of Milford Twp. was when we would have toboganning parties on a winter Sunday in our timber. Everyone was invited!! My dad, John Fitzgerald, used his John Deere to hook up a tow rope to pull us up the hill. Hot chocolate was served afterwards in our garage.

"I can still remember the high school students spending a day in the spring to go to the Boone Ledges State Park and also to I.S.U. Veisha. Our trips to Des Moines for the state basketball tournaments were also something we looked forward to. I think we stayed at the Fort Des Moines Hotel. Many great memories were made on these trips."

Edit: That wonderful sledding hill is now "under" the Interstate in the very north of Sec 5.

1957 Sock Hop
Above: In 1956-'57 school year Alan Twedt (`57) shows how to do an Elvis impression and the rest of the students seem to be very much enjoying his performance. Top: right to left- Betty Otto, Rita Thomas (partially hidden), Judy Jorgensen, Norene Hughes, Alan, Doug Brooks,
Shirley Groomes, un?. Bottom: left to right: Alan Twedt, Nadine Safly, Sharyl Buchanan, Sandra Mortvedt, Eddie Allen, and Ronnie Strothers. Celebration at the Hughes home after the tournament victory.
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