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Milford Township and Proud of It

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From the 1955 Junior Senior Play
Above: A glimpse into the Jr-Sr Class play of 1955 with, from left, Alice Hansen as Ma, Dale Hughes as Pa, Jack Allen as the prankster, and Shirley Meyer as the beautiful barefoot daughter (An obvious selection). No hole was shot in the wall for this year's production. That was done in the production for the class of 1954. That story page 122.

On 15 April 1932, Janitor Gaylon Mann and the High School boys set out 100 Schrubs, North Amoor River Privet, at a total cost of $4.50. Where these were is not known but it could have been on the west side of the sidewalk, around the kiosk, west of the gym, and northeast of the Janitor's entrance to the School. See page 10.

Below: As the men might get together and socialize at a farm auction, threshing time or shelling time, so did the ladies get together at such things as a "quilting" party when there was a need for someone to have a special gift. Verna Michaelson Borton enjoyed this activity and here she goes at the task "solo". She was married to Roy Borton and they were the parents of three Milford students - Florine `52, Jurine `56, and Art '57. See pages 78, 280.
1955 Jr-Sr Play- The "Formal" cast photo with the seemingly too obvious makeup very much visible. Back Row: David Allen, Shirley Molde, Jack Allen, Loyd Hughes, Dale Hughes (tall fellow), Duane Brodie, Ed Needham, Wilbert Hadley, Hazel Horness (short gal), Larry Miller, Ron Otto, Jurine Borton (white dress), Irene Hodgson, Shirley Meyer, Vernon Olson. Front: Donna Sorem, Alice Hansen, Georgia Roberts.
PTA Men's Night

Next page left column- 3 lower pictures:

The 2 Feb 1956 PTA meeting was Men's Night and they could really put on a show if they so elected. Top: that's Roy Borton on the right and Amil Twedt in the buggy and the guy with the black face is Marvin Smith II. Next to top: On the right is Phil Allen who did some fantastic soft shoe steps and the big guy in the center is Henry Larson with Floyd Twedt and Leon Wilson as the next two seated people. In the bottom shot: Rex Hughes is the pastor, Morris Danielson is the groom and the bride is nobody else but big John Fitzgerald. The guy on the right by the Pastor is Keith McVey. None of the three fellows between the Pastor and the bride is recognized except Clarion Thompson in the middle. Phil Allen (seated) and La Verne Jacobson are behind the groom.

Iowa Legislature Representative

In 1865 a man from Galena Illinois moved to Sec 16 of Milford Twp with his family. This was Frank Curtiss who was the father of Charles Curtiss, Dean of Agriculture at Iowa State. Frank was, for a time, the subdirector of School No 5. In 1877 he was elected as a state representative where he served one term. He left Milford in 1892 and moved to Ames and then a year later to Nevada.

Dean Curtiss article on page 215.

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