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Milford Township and Proud of It

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From the Farrell Brown Collection: A 1936 aerial view of Milford Township Consolidated School. Note the kiosk that stood between the School and the south road which was in place until about the end of the War and also the baseball field which doesn't seem to have any type of a backstop.
Various Important Dates in the
Consolidation Struggle in Milford Twp

A petition to have a portion of Milford Twp go to the Nevada School District was submitted to the County Board of Education, but this proposal was later defeated at the polls. No record of the vote tally could be found.

1919 Dec. 24- A petition of 81 signatures was filed with the County Board of Education for the consolidation of the school district of Milford Twp into one school. This would include all of Milford Twp and a small portion of Franklin Twp. At the time of this petition, Milford, which, in the paper, is quoted as having about 100 students, (this is probably an average daily attendance figure) had 9 rural one room schools of which three were closed; two because of a lack of students and a third because no place could be found to board the teacher. "Two (closed) because of a lack of students" is what was reported in the newspaper. When looking at the census for 1920, this explanation doesn't seem to "hold water". Perhaps, one explanation might be that there was a great deal of personality conflict between the teachers and some of the parents and a number of these parents opted not to send their youngsters to school. There was a minimum number of students required to keep a school open, so, therefore the school would be considered closed. The two closed because of a lack of scholors were No.s 8 and 9 and no information could be found as to which school was closed because of a teacher situation.

1920 Jan. 27- Milford Township voted to develop a consolidated school. No mention of election numbers. 1920 Feb. 13- Milford Township elects directors. School board members were seated on 18 Feb 1920- To serve until next annual meeting, E.G. Morfey, O.G. Twedt; to second annual meeting Frank Allen and J. Twedt; and to the third annual meeting D. O. Christy. Henry Birkeland was elected treasurer.

1920 April 29- Milford Twp voted bonds for $90,000 to build a school. This vote was appealed to the district court and an injunction was obtained to hold up the issuance of these bonds and until that matter worked

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