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Milford Township and Proud of It

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The Morfeys
Edward George "Ted" and Bertha Elsie Porter "Grandma" Morfey Also page 207
Below: Back Row: Russell `44, Marlene `57, and Donald `46, Morfey- Front Row: Grace and Ross Morfey
Ross Morfey fuels up the AC which is going to be pulling the AC combine in this late thirties view of farming. The other two fellows are unidentified. An operator really had to "stay with it" with one of these machines to get 20 acres a day done.

Just two tidbits of information from the 27 July 1864 Nevada Newspaper:

The first regular freight train ran to Nevada yesterday.
The masons have commenced the labor of laying the foundation for the new court house.

Marlene Morfey relates:

In 1931, the Morfeys lived the first place south of the School on the east side, just south of the Arrasmith Station.

Ross Morfey in his basketball uniform. The date of the picture is unknown but perhaps it was for a alumni-varsity game.
The Morfeys are a five generation Milford Twp family. Daughter, Marlene Carleton, has four boys. John `66, Tim `68, Russell `75, and Steven `80. John and Tim attended Milford.
Russell & Dr. Alison Carleton live on the family farm. Page 237
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