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Lew Morris (father of Darlene, Louise, Jack, Fritz), carpntr

George Roberts maintenance.

`31 Tim Wheelock, lab technician.

`39 Ben Durby.

`40 Bob Cooper, animal care taker. 20 yrs.

`40 Ed Larsen, planner.

`41 Kermit Molde, electrician

`42 Leo Tjelmeland, maintenance 25 yrs

`42-43 Ruth Ringgenberg Matson teacher`42-'43 lab tech.

`43 Glen Sampson, maintenance

`44 Cecil Henderson (wife, Betty Burley'44) mechanic

`47 Dorothy Tendall Williams, secretary

`47 Ken Watson, painter, security 30yrs

`52 Martin Jacobs (wife,Donna Steward'52), carpenter

`67N Sydney Cooper Hartman 26+ yrs


SOME STAY at HOME DADS: Russell Morfey Carleton and wife, Doctor Alison B.Carleton,MD, live on the 100 year old Morfey Family Farm with their young family providing the fifth generation on their Milford Twp farm. Russell is the son of Marlene Morfey'57, grandson of Ross and Grace Morfey and great grandson of E.G. 'Ted' Morfey.


`56 Jurine Borton Moore, seven children- 4 boys and 3 girls -between the ages of 4-18 yrs, usually intermittent with the age of daughter, Mashall Rana, when she was between 4 and 11.

`67 Larry Sorensen and spouse cared for six foster children


See also Volunteer under the Potpourri page 287-288.

`41 Harlan Harper started Habitat for Humanity in Story County, helping oversee 16 homes.

See also 4-H Leaders, page 241-242.

See also School Board and School Personnel page 166.

See also Awards or Honors on page 206 and 207.

Ron Otto

Edit's Note: Ron Otto, `56, had a successful career as a basketball player both for Milford (where he was first team all county) and in the field of Independent Ball. See page 281. He worked for the DOT of Iowa where he obtained the unique position as a Office Director without the Degree that most people possess to get that position. This is a real compliment to both him and to the fundamental "can do" attitude that he developed at Milford Twp. Also see pages 165 and 202.

Ron Otto 's DOT Career
By Ron and Sandra Otto: “In 47 years at the DOT, Ron Otto says he was very lucky to work with great people from the start.

“Otto began in the Ames construction residency back 1957 as a rod man on a survey crew. After five years at the long end of the stick, Otto was named party chief, a job he held until 1969. A nearly 19- month break in service was followed by Otto rejoining the DOT as an engineering aide 2, again in the Ames construction office.

“Otto worked his way up to engineering technician and survey coordinator to a construction technician 3, where he supervised Ames construction employees more than 20 years.

“An opening in the Office of Contracts in 1997 brought Otto to the central complex as a public service executive 2, administering the disadvantaged business enterprise program during his tenure in that position his was charged with the re-writing of that program to comply with new Federal Regulations.

“In 2000, Otto was named director of the Office of Right-of-Way for the Iowa D.O.T. “My construction background was very valuable in that position,” said Otto. “Because I spent several years doing survey work, I could recognize how the layout of the proposed highway would impact properties” we needed to purchase.

“Otto attributes his success in Right-of-Way to the teamwork of his employees. He said, “We had six different disciplines in our office with six different managers. Having us all on the same page, working together, was a major accomplishment and made it enjoyable to come to work every day. The people made my job fun.

“Otto was the only employee of the Iowa D.O.T. or the Iowa State Highway Commission to be elevated to Office Directors position without an Engineering Degree or at a minimum a college degree. His only formal education was Milford Twp Cons High School.

“In the fall of 2005 Otto received the Associated General Contractors of Iowa award for outstanding service in the Public Sector and Extraordinary Contributions to the Improvements of Iowa's Transportation System.

“When he was not in the office, Otto enjoyed golf, fishing and traveling with his wife, Sandra. The Otto's have three children and five grandchildren. Their oldest daughter, Julie, is the mother of Lindsey, Lauren, and Jacob. Son Todd and his wife Jill have two sons Braydon, and Taylor. The Otto's third is son Chris.

“Otto retired from the Iowa D.O.T. September 22nd, 2005 after 47 years of service.

“Otto joined the Associated General Contractors of Iowa as their Technical Director November 1, 2005”.

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