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1961 Milford Twp’s Last Girls Basketball Team
Front: Sharon Nelson, Marcia Rasmusson, Linda Hughes, Judy Thomsen, Cynthia Haugland, Karen Sorensen, and Statistician Rita Reinhart. Back: Manager Connie Brooks, Coach Jim Dodd, Dixie Thom- as, Maxine Horness, Margaret Haugland, Karen Thompson, Geri Pauley, Sandy Sorem, and Chaperone Marlys Dodd. Record 2-17. The 1961 Junior High Girls team is pictured on page 334.
Some 1950 Girl’s Basketball
For a 1950 Student Vs. the Faculty Ladies fun basketball game, Mrs Kathryn Larson, Prin, gets ready to put up a hookshot despite Alice Grindem’s determined defense. Others players are Donna Ray Steward, Mrs Jessie Petersen, and Lois Larson. Also page 100.
Picture is looking north in the east end of the 1924 gym with the stage on the upper left and the door to the boys shower room just behind Alice. Note the picture on the right shows the same corner of the gym. No extra space beyond the court's 3-foot lines.
The east end of the 1924 gym shot in 1950 looking from the balcony to the north. The girls are getting ready for the game to start with the forwards taking a few shots and the guards in the upper right corner discussing the strategy, we hope. Note the narrow 6 foot wide lane and the line on the floor that was 3 feet in from the wall. This line could not be crossed by the defensive person during a “inbounding” play. The goal is 3 ft. from the wall. Florine Borton “Dead Eye”, left, is the only player identifiable.
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