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The 1930 All School Photo:

Left half this page and right half on the next page. Very few students in this photo have identified, however, the tall blond fellow near the cornerstone is Floyd Twedt and the third to his left is Joe Alfred.

The two gentlemen on the far right are Coach Arvid Lein and Supt Ralph Morgan.

Four of the seven adult ladies near the right side are, in no order, Flora Wise, Evelyn Walker, Ruth Fox, and Virginia Kelley.

Families that had two generations of graduates between 1927-1961: Allen, Brodie, Brooks, Burley (Groomes), Skeers (Horness).

Families that had 3 generations attend the Milford site between 1927 and 1991: Brodies, Brooks and Tjelmelands.

Families of four or more in which ALL the youngsters in that family graduated within the thirty five years, `27-'61 of the High School's existence. Brooks and Burleys each had seven siblings graduate from Milford, Harold Matters had five and Otis Warren had four, as did Watsons (all boys).

Some of multi-generation farm families are:

Four Generations: Morfeys, Brodies, Tjelmelands, and Brooks.

Five Generations: Day/Couser, Sorensen.

Six Generations: Hughes

Century Farms: Sowers/Hughes 1976, Larsen 1983, Sorensen 1990, Morfay and Carleton 2011.

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