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1924 All School Picture (left half): The School, completed in time for classes to be held in March of 1924, serves as backdrop for the assemblage of the students in the fall of 1924. At the time, the highest class students would have just started eleventh grade. The staff seems to be congregated in front of the door and so question is made concerning five, six, or seven of the fellows in the back row on the far right in the photo below. It has been suggested that some of these fellows might be hack drivers and the fellow with the bow tie may be the Janitor. It is reported that, for the start of the school year of 1924, there were no male staff members other than Mr Gill, the Superintendent. Identification of the students, with few exceptions, is quite difficult because of the large turnover in student population. For example, the class of 1932, who, in this photo would have been in the fourth grade, started with 35 or so students in the first grade, so that would mean that perhaps as many as 17 or 18 fourth grade students would be extremely difficult to name. Other than Margaret Hereim and her beau Willard Gilreath, who are in front of the column to the right of the door, the others are unidentified. It is thought the lad with the tie and glasses in the second row in front of the right door is Amil Twedt and the tall, for his age, blond fellow eighth from the right in the third row is Floyd Twedt.
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