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Milford Township and Proud of It

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Apparently no school was built or perhaps it was in Nevada Township or Grant Township. On the other hand, much of Milford Twp was not settled until later (than 1858) because there were no plows that could handle the soils away from the river. Furthermore, the main interest was in the timberlands which offered their protection and supplies of firewood and building material with water and the prevailing concept that where trees could grow- there the best crops could be grown also.

By 1873, there were 8 of the 9 subdistrict schools in operation with 212 students but only an average daily attendance of 92. The one not in operation was, most likely, No. 8, the one in the south central area of Milford Twp.

By 1875 all nine rural one room schools were in place. The political township of Milford Twp was an independent school district onto itself and the nine schools were subdistricts. This contrasted with some of the other townships in Story County ( i.e. Franklin, Palestine, Union, and Sherman) in which each of the four square mile districts was an independent school district and was recorded as such in the early records (1870's) of the state.

The subdistrict school numbering system was unexpectedly complicated in that, basically, it followed the system of numbering used in the numbering of the Secs within a township. In other words, it started at the northeast corner and went to the west, then south two miles and then east to the east border and then south two miles and then back to the west.

The Milford School, the second school constructed in Milford Twp, of the pre twentieth

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