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This fantastic photo, and it's not known who took it, whether it was a newspaper reporter or one of the crew, was taken on the west lawn of the Church on Thursday 26 Sept 1940 at a work party of 28 men and an equal number of ladies and children gathered at Pleasant Grove Church. They put a new coat of paint on and a new roof on the building. The seats and the wainscoting were cleaned and painted. Back Row Standing: William McCoy, George Roberts, Rhiner Honderd, Casper Thompson, Martin A Johnson, Charles Hughes, Guy Hughes, Kenneth Hughes, Jeffry Jacobson, Rexford Hughes, Cleopha (Mrs Silas) Thompson, Madge (Mrs Martin A) Johnson, Lena (Mrs Ba- lus) Howland, Harold Matters, Jay Wilson, Delbert Johns (?Jones?) Second Row: Abner Nash, Cyrus Bakka, Clint Sheffield, George R. Sowers, Bella (Mrs. Bert) Arnenson, Ethel (Mrs Martin) Jacobs, Bertha (Mrs John A) Johnson, First Row: Balus Howland, Joe (Frank Shearer)- Exactly what that means- I don't know-, Richard McNew, Grant Whitaker, Jack Vincent, Mrs Lookingbill, Fred Walston, Rev. C.E. Lookingbill, Glady (Mrs Donald) Starbuck, Helen (Mrs Charles) Starbuck, Elizabeth (Mrs Hokan) Horness, Dorothy (Mrs Vere) Bielefeldt, Mrs Jay Wilson, Rora (Mrs. Frank) Doollittle, Ida (Mrs Rhiner) Honderd, Martha (Mrs George R Sowers), Minnie (Mrs Charles) Hughes, George Rassmusson of Nevada-bricklayer. Children- Norman Hughes (Rex), Donald Bielefeldt (Vere), and Norman Hon- derd (Rhiner). The insert at right is the same view on another pleasant day in the summer of 2007.

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