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Peaceful Picturesque Scenes in Milford Twp from the Thirties
This beautiful shot taken from the northwest side of the South Skunk River, probably in 1932, very distinctly shows the gravel road coming down the hill (on the left) from the Pleasant Grove Area and preparing to cross the River on the old 1876 bridge. Also, the road that paralleled the River on the east bank that took one down to a ford of the River is very visible to the right of the barn. Most of the Mill Dam had been washed out around the time of the First World War and in this shot none of the Dam is visible, but its remains may be just out view to the right.
The Ammon Hipshires in about 1907. He is the Hipshire mentioned in the 1877 ad on page 54 that was at the mill with Eagleberger. The Eaglebergers were in Milford Township (then Franklin) by 1853.
This view of the Soper's Mill barn is taken from almost the same spot as the one on the lower portion of the opposite page. What a difference six months makes.
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