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Top: a Monocoupe Above: Believed to be Roy Pond at Milford in 1925 perhaps dreaming of aviation. Some of the Pond children would, most likely, appear in the 1919 picture on page 12 and Roy, c. age 10 or 11 in 1919, would have been the right age to be in that photo.

Roy Pond had attended school in Milford Twp through the 11th grade and would have been in the Milford class of 1926, had there been one. In the spring of 1928 he and a friend, Marcellus King, went to Chicago where Pond had a responsible position with the Stewart Warner Radio Corporation. The two young men were interested in aviation and purchased a Standard Biplane which had been built in the fall of 1927. Roy and a friend spent several months during the summer 1929 flying in Montana. In April of 1930 he took a job for Mr Grey of Fairmont, Minnesota, to pilot his Monocoupe.

1950's Leo Neasham's Landing Strip

Leo Neasham, Nevada High School 1928, had, for a short time following the war, a landing strip behind his farmstead on the west half of the northwest quarter of Sec 36. This was where the Tarman's lived at the time of the school consolidation effort of the teens and twenties and just south of the subdistrict seven school.

A few of the folks of the area, including Richard Stevenson`47, at 16 years of age, took flying lessons from a lady instructor on Leo's single, grass, 1500ft, North-South runway.

In 1946 Merlyn Smallridge operated the airport, which was called the "Farm and Home Airways", and at that time, had two runways. One, north and south was 2600 feet long, and the other, northwest-southeast was 1800 feet. Both runways were of sod. They had 80 octane fuel for sale and, of course, modern rest rooms. He provided a charter service should you chose and they were approved for flight instruction for a private license. They had Major A&E (Airframe and Engine) repairs and Taxi and airport car services were available.

1944 Milford Twp Helps Build the Big Ones

Milford Twp, through the Story County War effort, helped Story County purchase three of the new beautiful B-29 planes in 1944-1945. The expressed purpose of the collection of money was for the construc- tion of the three B-29s as there was to be a plaque on the instrument panel of the plane with the words- "This plane was built from funds raised by the people in Story County, Iowa." At the time the B-29 was the largest production bomber in the world and because of its sleek appearance, new innovations, and great size, it really captured the imagination of the “people on the homefront”.

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