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An early sixties (?) airplane view to the northwest of the Nevada Brick and Tile Factory clay pit and tile plant west of Nevada. Old highway 30 angles diagonally at the bottom of the photo and West Indian Creek appears on the right. Less than a mile to the north is Milford Twp. There are probably ‘dozens’ of miles of clay tile drainage lines in Milford Twp whose tile originated at this facility. The house at the left is still there in 2011. The class below had quite an extensive tour of this facility. State Historical picture. Above and Below: A fabulous field trip for the Class of ‘59 as second graders in Spring of ‘49 with their Teacher, Mrs Irene Hauser. Besides the Brick and Tile Factory, just west of Nevada, this adventure visited the Nevada Airport. On page 256. Below: Front Row; Jack Neasham, Bill Jacobson, Ronnie Strother, Lynn Christian, Jerry Book. Back Row: Linda Louks, Delores Olinger, Norene Hughes, Sandra Nelson, Dixie Louks, and Nadine Safly. Both photos from the archives of Loren Book whose Mother assisted in the trip and was the camera operator.
This bus interior, as seen by one entering the bus door, illustrates what Lola Tjelmeland ‘47, on page 228, and others were talking about with the “long benches along the windows and a narrow bench down the center”. The steering wheel and driver’s seat are at the right. This bus, in a museum, is on a Chevrolet chassis. Threshing in Milford Twp, probably 1947 or 1948. Picture from the Loren Book Archives shows Rex Hughes on top of his thresher, and Floyd Davis’s team and wagon with Jim Helland doing the bundle pitching honors during the threshing procedure at the Don Book farm on the east side of Sec 15. Rex had an Oliver 70 as a power unit for the machine. In the lower right of the scene is a portable hog shed that was the style for hog production. In one of the most unusual pictures discovered of a girls’ basketball team, the 1947 Milford team poses in the hallway of an unidentified school. It has the real appearance of an impromptu gathering. From left: Harriet Comfort, Dorothy Murrow, Lola Tjelmeland, Gloria Warren, Delores Tjelmeland, Phylis Gardner, Joan Sorenson, Alyce Matters, Doris Moser, and Joan Cooper. Note that there appears to be more than five different styles of shoes worn. See page 143
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