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Milford Township

* at RIGHT or after the entry denotes obituaries on the website Iowa Gen Web-Story County. Linda Hughes '63 Meyers (R G) has gathered the obits and info about the cemeteries and has compiled a hard copy notebook for Pleasant Grove as well as shares the information with the Iowa web site for all known obits in the four Milford Twp Cemeteries. Since 2010 Story Co newspapers submit them automaticly.

Italicized bold print after the entry denotes all known ranks of the military personal we honor for their bravery and our freedom! See Pleasant Grove Service Flag page 196.

m=married, (with spouses first name or initials)


The James Brouhard Child, Anna, age 11, 1856, rests near a farm field, in Sec 5 of Milford Twp. Her marker is the only remaining evidence of the cemetery that at one time included some 20 graves.

Milford Twp, Story County, IA

Eight military personal and some 47 children under the age of 18 are peacefully at rest in Sec 7 at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

Adams, Claude 1880-1882 son of Ed & Mary
Adams, Edson T (m Mary J) 1855-1939
Adams, Mary Jane(Kooser d of G'rge)1858-1933*
Alfred, Florida 1853-1883
Alfred, George Hilling (m Nancy) 1821-1904*
Alfred, Lucy D 1878-1933 WWI Nurse
Alfred, Nancy (Arrasmith) 1835-1911*
Alfred, Nathaniel D 1862-1884*
Alfred, OF (only OFA on stone, no other record)
Anderson, Johnie N 1859-1881
Anderson, Joseph S (m Sarah) 1835-1898*
Anderson, Sarah 1833-1903*
Arnold, Anna Marie (Jensen) 1922-2009*
Arnold, William Theodor (m Anna M) 1916-1993
Arrasmith, Catherine (Grove) 1836-1914*
Arrasmith, Charles Adam 1875-1941
Arrasmith, Elijah Grant (m Sarah) 1872 -1930*
Arrasmith, Emma May 1873-1885
Arrasmith, Esther M 1911-1911 (Infant)
Arrasmith, George Antrim 1862-1934*
Arrasmith, James Lonas 1864-1881
Arrasmith, Lucy M 1858-1859
Arrasmith, Oliver F 1870-1894*
Arrasmith, Sarah J 1878-1943*
Arrasmith, Thomas J 1856-1857
Arrasmith, Walter B 1903-1904
Arrasmith, Wesley (m Catherine) 1828-1893*
Bailey, Emma J (m J M) 1856-1883
Bales, Margaret 1873-1875
Barker, Arthur Otis (Infant 8/8-22/1895) 1895
Barker, Ernest Eugene (Infant 4/14-25/1897) 1897
Bochmann, Linda Sue Warren (dau of Wesley & Ruth)
Born, Delbert 1907-1907 (Infant)
Born, Caroline (Randau) 1846-1909*
Brown, Almon ?-? (no stone)
Brown, Charles W (m Elizabeth) 1853-1869
Brown, Elizabeth ?-? (no stone)
Brown, Ollie D 1870-1870 (Infant)
Carr, Merna May 1889-1889 (Infant0
Cleveland, Clara 1799- ? (no stone)
Crowder, Alice A (Sowers) 1854-1944 (no stone)
daughter of Union War Vet, Wm & Emeline
Crowder, Alvia C 1882-1882 (Infant)
Crower, Gertie ?-? (Infant) (no stone)
Crowder, Isaac 1852-1887*
Crowder, Katie ?-? (Infant) (no stone)
Crowder, Laura E 1883-1884
Davis, Elizabeth (Rood) 1822-1895*
Davis, Henry (m Elizabeth) 1819-1896*
Dearth, Dora Olive (Neale) 1862-1942
Dearth, John Clinton (m Dora) 1865-1928
Dodds, Lydia Agnes (Hughes) 1847-1937*
Lydia was a teacher at Pleasant Grove
Dodds, Robert Nixon (m Lydia) 1840-1920*
Dotson, Keith ?-? (blank stone)
E M A and a blank stone in Lot#32 no other info?
Eymann, Rosa C 1874-1892
Forbell, Esther Mae (Sorenson) 1923-1992*
Forbell, Herbert E (m Esther) 1913-2003
Forbell, Lani Sue (daug of Herbert) 1945-1993
Harper, Eva (Sherman) Hitchcock 1865-1948*
Harper, John W (m Eva) 1857-1943*
Hitchcock, Wm 'Willie' (son of Eva) 1890-1928*
Hoover, Hannah C 1827-1882
Hoover, Wm or Jacob (m Hannah) ?-? (no stone)
Horness, Martha E. Sorenson 1867-1944*
Horness, Nels M (m Martha) 1860-1934*
Howe, Eliza A 1818-1886
Howland, Emma May 1870-1871
Howland, T B (father of Emma & Balus) 1819-1888
Hughes, Alma Ruth (dar of TR & ES)1882-1891*
Hughes, Charles Rexford (m Minnie) 1880-1962*
Hughes, Clifford & Harold (Twins of CR & MC)1908
Hughes, Edna Marie(Godfrey) 1909-1988(Star)*
Hughes, Eleanor (Strawn) (m T R) 1818-1909*
Hughes, Ella M (Brown) 1848-1918*
Hughes, Jacob Charles 'Jake' (s/Chas & D) 1974-1999*
Hughes, John Strawn (s/TR & ES,m EM) 1842-1909
Hughes, Kenneth Charles(s/CR&M,m MC)1912-1978 Army Tsgt WWII*
Hughes, Kennie O (Infant son of TR & ES) 1875*
Hughes, Loyd Charles (s/RW&EM,m Lori)1939-1998*
Hughes, Loyd Servigna (Infant s/Ryan S & AW) 2007*
Hughes, Mabel (Morrison) (m KC) 1918-2007*
Hughes, Minnie Catherine (Toll) 1881-1942*
Hughes, Norene Muriel (dau of Rexford & Edna) 1941-2012*
Hughes, Norman Rexford (s/RW & Edna) 1936-1944*
Hughes, Rexford Lowell (s/Loyd & Lori) 1974-1985*
Hughes, Rexford Wm (m Edna)1909-1957(Mason)*
Hughes, Robbie (son of John S & Ella) 1843-1884
Hughes, Ruth A (dau of TR & ES) 1840-1866
Hughes, Thomas Rhinehart (m Eleanor) 1813-1894
Hughes, Ulysses S G (Infant son of TR & ES) 1861
Hughes, Wm Swayze (m Sarah) 1853-1911*
Hunter, Blanche R (Dodds) 1873-1904*
Hunter, Merrill D 1901-1926*
Kooser, Ed T (m M Belle) 1876-1937*
Kooser, M Belle 1876-1953*
Lennin, William 1805-1893 (no stone)*
Matters, Eva Jane (Morain) 1861-1906
Matters, John Willis (s/John & E,m Eva) 1857-1940*
Noble, James M (m Jemima) 1823-1906*
Noble, Jemima (Cochran) 1827-1895*
Nolan, John Patrick (son of Pat & Marie)1938-2009*
Nolan, Minnie 'Marie' (Hughes) 1905-1996*
Nolan, Patrick J (m Minnie 'Marie') 1906-1982*
Osborn, Archie C 1916-1998*
Osborn, George Lewis 1893-1983 Navy WWII*
Osborn, Helen J (Sevde)(m George) 1887-1965*
Randau, Fritz (m Mathilde) 1830-1899 Civil War
Randau, Helena (of Fritz & Ma) 1880-1881
Randau, Hermine (of Fritz & Ma) 1881-1882
Randau, Infants (of Wm & Caroline (Born) ?-?
Randau, Johanna (of GF & Julia) 1840-1877
Randau, Julia (m G F) 1801-1877
Randau, Mathilde (m Fritz) 1853-1888
Randau, Wm (m Caroline Born) 1826-1890
Roberts, George F (m Stella) 1902-1978*
Roberts, Stella A (P Grove Organist) 1912-1998*
Robey, Derrick Scott(s/Janet Simonsen)1965-1985*
Saldana, Kathy (Sorenson) 1961-2005*
Sanders, Ernert Lester (m Lela Mae) 1897-1945*
Sanders, Lela Mae (Dearth) 1902-1921*
Sawyer, Everel Howard (of H&Nina) 1911-1913*
Sawyer, Howard (m Nina) 1876-1960 (Mason)*
Sawyer, Nina 1879-1860 (Eastern Star)*
Sawyer, Phyllis (of Howard & Nina) ? Infant
Scott, Annie R (of Andrew & Zelpha)1866-1873
Scott, Mary J (of Andrew & Zelpha) 1861-1877
Scott, Zelpha Ann (Grove)(m Andrew)1840-1874
Simonsen, Magnus (m Margaret) 1907-2003*
Simonsen, Margaret (Jensen) 1913-2004*
Skelton, Infant (of Joe) 1887-1888
Sorenson,Arnold Clifford1932-2008 Korean War*
Sorenson, Edward (of SE&Lula) 1917-1932
Sorenson, Lula A (Huffmeister) 1894-1974
Sorenson, Soren E (m Lula) 1890-1960
Sowers, Bessie M (of T J & Mary M) 1881-1882
Sowers, Lloyd (of TJ & Mary (Smith) 1889-1890
Sowers, Mary Ferguson (of Del&M) 1909-1913
Sowers, Nellie (of TJ & Mary) 1878-1887
Spencer, Charles Hallam (DH&Sarah) 1877-1883
Spencer, David Hallam (m Sarah) 1840-1930*
Spencer, Elbert Elmer (of DH&Sarah) 1872-1883
Spencer, Sarah A (Skinner) (m D H) 1849-1916*
Spencer, Wm Byron (of DH & Sarah) 1871-1883
Swearingen, Ben (m Minnie) 1868-1918
Swearingen, Emily J (m James) 1850-1901*
Swearingen, James B 1842-1922 Civil War*
Swearingen, Minnie (m Ben) 1873-1903
Tuttle, Mrs A and Family (m Andrew) 1830-1916
Warren, Wesley Otis (mRuth) 1927-2000 WWII
White, Marie (Sorenson)(m Robert) 1921-2008*
Wilkinson, Cora M (of EO & Emily) 1871-1947*
Wilkinson, Edger O 1841-1926 Civil War*
Wilkinson, Emily C (m Edger) 1849-1922
Wilkinson, Josephine (of EO&Emily) 1868-1877
Wilkinson, Lemuel M (of EO&Emily)1876-1884
Wilkinson, Myrtie E (of EO & Emily) 1879-1887
Yelton, James Gerard(mSusan)1839-1892 no stone
Yelton, Margaret (of James & Susan) ?-? 24 yrs
Yelton, Susan Jane (Lennin) 1839-1931*
Yelton, Wm Franklin (of JG &S) 1866-1933no stn*
Grove Brothers

Edit: The Grove Brothers cenopath: George W., 1840-1862, and Jacob, 1842-1863, were not inturned in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Their father A.L. Grove died in 1870, and was later moved from Lot 28 to the Ames City Cemetery. See pages 191, 194.


CREMATION to ASH has also become a form of final choice. Two known farmers in Milford Twp selected to have their ashes scattered over their farms. In the process of carrying out Ernie's wishes, Louise Bhend and the chartered pilot flew over the farm in Sec 12 to empty the urn. The family of Richard Sorensen, Army WWII, gathered privately in the beautiful setting of the trees and farm meadow in Sec 34 for his final wish. Marvin Smith III had planted a Riparian Buffer Strip along the West Indian Creek where, as per his wishes, his wife Andi and his family; Grace, Jordan, Gretchen & Zach scattered his ashes in 2002. An urn bench, in memory of Florine and Jurine, is in place on the Borton plot in the Evergreen Cemetery.

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