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Above: This home, one of D.O Christy's homes, was just a quarter mile to the east of the School on the north side of the road. It was torn down in the late fifties or early sixties. The view, probably from WWI era, is to the north in a late fall. The people are unidentified.
An early spring shower dampens the Iowa countryside.
At the Tendall Farm looking to the south on R77 at the high water in the June of `98. Occasionally water would go over the road at this location. Years ago the road used to circumvent this low area by going to the west a few hundred feet and then crossing back to the Section Line. The Tendall Farm was one mile east and 1 3/4 mile north of Milford School.
News from the Pleasant Grove Community

In 1896, Charlie Campbell's little boy was almost killed when a wagon load of oats was backed over him. This was near the Pleasant Grove Church. See Pages 71+. Also, in the Pleasant Grove area, in 1897, a new bridge was built over Keigley Branch just west of Soper's Mill.

Unusual 1936 Milford Basketball Program

The Milford basketball squads divided a triple program with the Shipley clubs on the Shipley court.

The Milford first string defeated the Shipley regulars 23-11 and the Milford second string won over the Shipley seconds 20-9. The first game of the evening featured the Jr High lads and Shipley won 27-8

Good Neighbor Deeds

On several occasions, when there is a great need for some of the farm work to be done on a man's farm and he is unable to complete the task because of ill health or injury, neighbors have congregated with their equipment to do the task for the him.

In April of 1956 more than 33 farmers with their tractors, plows and disks got together and helped Rex Hughes, who had been in the hospital following a cancer operation, get his spring field work done. At least 8 ladies joined in efforts in the kitchen to serve meals.

In the spring of 1962(?) Roy Borton had a bunch of fat steers trapped in a barn that collapsed due to a high wind. Neighbors gathered with loaders and trucks to attempt to recue those animals that could be saved and get the ones that couldn't be saved to the butchers.

In the fall of 1998, neighbors got together and harvested Loyd Hughes' crops when he was physically unable to do so because of advanced cancer.

County Board of Supervisors

While the 1920 reorganization was going on and a problem developed concerning the Randau School (No 4) in Sec 18 being moved, William Randau was the farmer who strongly felt his property rights were being violated. In 1921 he was elected Chairman of the Board of Story County Supervisors with the townships divided into districts among the supervisors. He was responsible for Lafayette, Franklin, Milford, Washington, Nevada and the court house grounds.

In 1931 Oscar Twedt also served as Pres. and in 1940 Marvin Smith I was on the board. George Sowers was a turn-of-the-century Story County Commissioner.

In 1895 JA Campbell served as the Story Co Treasurer.

Ol' Milford Farmer try to remember: You can't unsay a cruel word.
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