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Below: This lovely scene, actually from 2006, still makes a fellow who has spent many hot, broiling afternoons setting up shocks such as these--well, it makes the face feel hot and the arms a little sweaty and a feeling of -When in the world am I ever going to get this done and why, O, why don't those clouds come drifting over here? Look at that, the sky is almost all overcast and here I am, not a lick of shade in the whole field, Golly Ned, do you suppose all that sweat falling off me is doing the soil any good?- probably not; too salty! My arms sure itch! Gosh, I wish I was down to the ol' fishing hole with a line in the cool, clear water with nothing more to do than to swat a few bugs. Boy, that Tom Sawyer was one lucky dude. Do you reckon that there'll be a snake under that bunch of bundles over there and when I pick them up, what type of varmints are going to be under there looking for some shade. Man! it's going to be a long time before I complain about riding the ol' tractor around, back and forth, that motor roaring, my ears ringing, my knees sore, and arms achin' from steering that ol' thing. Think I'll become a store clerk when I get the chance, no, think I'll be a pilot, up there were it's cool and I'll look down on all these rows of shocks and won't feel one bit of soreness from bending over so much. I don't think Heavenly Father designed the human back to bend over this many times in one day--at least not mine. Boy, that ol' bed is sure gonna feel good tonight.
This is the actual site south of Ellsworth, Kansas, where Milford's Lt Sorensen's B-24 airplane crashed in the summer of 1943 and killed him and the nine other men on board. The camera is shooting directly south and his plane had come in from the northeast- just about from the angle her shadow is pointing- and "pancaked" in. That lady, a friend of mine, is a "professional" metal detector and she found only a very few, very small metal pieces. Where she is standing is right where the belly of the plane would have been. Off camera to the right there, at the time, was a set of buildings and the plane would have hit them but it crashed about 250 yards short of that. This field was farmed at the time and was until 20-25 years ago. The Army Air Force and souvenir hunters have done a thorough job of cleaning up the area. I visited this site in the spring of 2006. See pages 191 & 192.
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