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This ad, from the 24 March 1924 Nevada Paper, announces the 28 March sale of three schools at the section 15 site. This was during the week of the opening of the new consolidated School. A few weeks later the other two schools were sold in the same manner, however no results from the sale of these five schools could be found. Page 15.
This is the classes of 1941 and 1942 as fourth and fifth graders in the fall of 1933. Front: Billy Christy, Guy (Jr) Wakefield, Jim Rasmusson, Darvin Dodd, Don Earwicker, George Bloomberg Raymond Ausheim, Glen Sampson; 2nd Row: Leo Tjelmeland, Harold Tjelmeland, Fritz Rosen, Earl Stevenson, Robert Matters, Harold Stone, Richard King, James Sesker, Julius Johnsen, Carroll Babbitt; 3rd Row: Ruby Nassen, Margaret Field, Dorothy Sorensen, Marvin Smith, Marvin Green, Stanley Egland, Herbert Marsh, Juella Johnson. Top: Doreen Thompson, Betty Sandwich, Ardyce Grimsley, Illene Greene, Annabella Peterson, Alice Burley, Myrtle Nassen, Betty Gilreath, Doris Jacobson, Joyce Starbuck. Teacher: Jeanette Sowers, Milford `28. Jeanette Sowers' family lived in the northeast corner of Section eight.
1940 High School, Top: Kathryn Combs, Ardyce Grimsley, Arnold Munson, Doris Bailey, Alyce Burley, Edward Larson, Myrtle Nassen, ?Kermit Sorensen?, Donald Wakefield, ?Kermit Sorensen?, Delores Borts, Glen Egland. Row 2: Doris Jacobson, Ruby Nassen, Sally Hansen, Curtis Jacobson, Richard Comfort, Juella Johnson, Julius Johnson, Paul Curtis, LaVern Brooks, Robert Cooper, Charles Sorensen, Arnold Nelson. Row 3: Harold Tjelmeland, Ione Sampson, Stanley Egland, Leo Tjelmeland, Kathline Matters, Harlan Harper, Dwight Fausch, George Peterson. Row 4: Jack Borts, Leonard Jones. Row 5: Guy Wakefield, Earl Johnson. Row 6: Forest "Pete" Jones, Kathryn Day, ? Combs, Raymond Tendall, Donald Halverson, Kermit Molde, Dorothy Harper, ? Combs, Glen Sampson, Dixon Harper. Faculty: Miss Thelma Lee, Miss Pauline Bathe, Supt BG Halverson, Coach Darrel A Lindberg, Miss Maxine Murdock.
1948 High School, Top: Jack Morris, Charles Horness, Danny Needham, Richard Sorem, Jerry Jacobson, Chuck Hansen, Dean Crowe, Larry Roberts, LeRoy Gardner. Second Row: Dean Safly, Robert Latham, John Wakefield. Third Row: Bill Allen, Merrill Anderson, Glen Brown, Richard Warren. Diagonal: Principal KB Larson, Mrs Donna Westlie Hipp, Miss Johnette Edwards, Mrs Lola Swanson, Coach & Supt Swim. Top girls: Joan Sorenson, Marie Latham, Mary Rierson, Gloria Warren, Joan Cooper, Patsy Manley, Lois Larson. Bottom: Rhoda Honderd, Juanita Warren, Mavis Warren, Wanda Rierson, Jane Allen, Alyce Matters, Delores Tjelmeland, Phyllis Gardner, Doris Moser.
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