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A Bob Sled. Your winter time, road closed because of snow, air-conditioned transportation to school.
A page from the 1935 MTCS cookbook with recipes from Mesdames Lousie Menzel, Grace Molde, Ward Tjelmeland, Fred Sorensen, Lon Williams, C. Alfred, John Prescott, & Martin Johnson. Pbl by Rood at Slater. What the cause and how much the book cost and how much it raised have not been recorded. A second cookbook was assembled in 1956 by the Band Mothers. See page 334.
1922 Car License Plates

Story County had the prefix number of "86" in the system of numbering used that year instead of the "85" that became well known to all those who paid any attention in the fifties and Sixties. This was accomplished by assigning the numbers 1-5 to the counties with more than 10,000 cars. Then the remaining 94 counties were placed alphabetically, and Story was number "86". The plates were 5 1/2 by 15 inches and had black 4 inch numbers on an aluminum background. Story County received 5,700 plates. This, apparently, was the first year a county numbering system was used on the car license. Truck numbers went from 37,401 thru 37,900

911 System in Milford Twp

1987 - Local Option Sales Tax - was passed to fund the establishment of the E911 telephone service and address system.

December 12, 1989 - 28E Agreement was jointly signed with the E911 Board

February 7, 1995 - the address system that was designed for Story County was completed

April 30, 1996 - Ordinance No. 52 was adopted (the ordinance that guided the rural addressing system for the unincorporated areas in Story County).

Fall of 1996 - the system was implemented

A view to the northwest with Indian Hill on the very left and, on the right, in the buildings, Stagecoach Hill. The house was built with a NW-SE orientation and thus, sat parallel to the road. They are in the south half of Sec 4. The land in the foreground is in Sec 9 and, to the left, south, a little over a quarter mile, is the location of the 1860 wagon fire incident that killed 6- information from Homer Boyes, whose father lived in the area shortly after the incident. Blueberry School (Number 2) stood about 150 yards to the north of the photographer on the west side of the road. See photos on pages 20 & 25.

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