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Milford Township and Proud of It

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Another Horse Story for Milford Twp

SB Frey, who lived a mile and a quarter west of the current Milford School on the south side of the road, had quite a horse breeding business in the early part of the twentieth century. He advertised that he had high class stallions for sale at all times but his prize stallion; Well, he was simply called "Milford Stud".

WOI-TV, out of Ames Iowa, started program broadcasting on 21 Feb 1950 and was the 100th TV station in the nation. They had quite limited hours of operation and, for a while, people would set and simply watch the test pattern- but that degree of interest did not last long. WOI originally broadcast on Channel 4 but has switched to channel 5. See story on page 39.

Left and Left center: A water drilling rig and a harvester "header". It is doubtful that either picture is from Milford Twp but, never the less, the top picture could very easily be. The lower of the two is most likely taken in Dakota by some Milford people who went there. The header was a very labor intensive device for harvesting small grains. The horses actually pushed the reaper through the field and the fellow standing over the horses steered the device with a lever that was between his knees. It did not bind the grain into bundles, but merely piled it into a wagon seen at the right. Then the grain had to be forked into the thresher.

The Class of 1945.

Below: They had reason to be happy. School was about over and so was the War in Europe. (VE Day 8 May 1945) Front: Madeline Huschka, Arlene Williams, Teacher Delpha Masson, Isabelle Brooks, Clayton Clifford. Back: Wesley Warren, Katherine Olinger, Wally Tjelmeland, and Lois Sorensen. Some class history page 277

Above: The Senior Class of 1945 on the east side of the School. Note the fine and stylish parking railing. Front: Clayton Clifford, Wesley Warren, Wally Tjelmeland, Teacher Depha Massen.Back: Madeline Huschka, Katherine Olinger, Isabelle Brooks, Lois Sorensen, Arlene Williams-Bob Williams is her "little" brother.

Left: It's fun to consider just how comfortable, or uncomfortable, the class members are when posing with the cigarettes on the School's playground.
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