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Supt Hopkins
This Korean War era photo explains why the folks of that time could sleep well, knowing their Navy was on duty. Milford Superintendent 1954-`57. Compare with 171, 212.

Ol' Milford farmer try to remember: You can't unsay a cruel word.

This picture in the annual was entitled "Future Famous Freaks"- but it's Rodney Hansen,'52; Richard Roberts,'53; Jr. Kuhns, `53; and Roy Hartman,'52; all dressed up and looking very casual. Some of the story behind this picture; The girls, unless the weather was really cold, could not wear jeans to School except on Friday and the girls added a touch of `styling' by rolling up their pantlegs- so the fellows were imitating them. But the fancy ties?
Perhaps it is just as well this picture is out of focus, but it shows the shop class of 1951 working on some problem.
Lt Dave Allen `55 at sea in the early sixties in front of an A-4, the airplane he flew most while in the Navy. He was qualified to fly 7 different planes. Page 97 also.
Left: Carl Christy, date of birth 1899, who grew up a half mile north of the School and graduated from Nevada. This is the earliest photo found, probably from the First World War era, that portrays a Milford Person as a member of an athletic team.
Carl, as did his Dad, David O., and his son, "Bill", served on the School Board-- three generations.
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