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`38 James Matters, Career Social Worker, Polk Co Iowa

`43 Dorothy Harper Likely, Family Services, State MO, 20 yrs.

`51 Patsy Jane Manley Smith SSW and LSAC Utah

`56 Irene Hodgson, Story Co Mental Health Coordinator pg 250

`65 Margie Fitzgerald Rinehart, WI State Dept, Social Work


`27 Ray Danielson, Stockbroker.

`44 Marie G. Nassen McClain, Mortgage Loan Officer. Eldon Boswell, Federal Land Bank.

`58 Roger Thompson, Federal Land Bank.

`77N Kevin Brooks, Slater

`78N Dale Boswell, VP of 1st Community Bank,Aledo,IL.

`81N David Boswell, Sr VP of Bank Iowa, Humboldt, IA.


`?? John Helgeland, Mural on South side of main street building facing the Story Co Court House.

`?? Randy Matson (Ruth Ringgenberg, Taught 1942-'43) Author of Military Book. Somewhere in Italy .

`35 Myron and Ruth Larsen The Soft Wind Whispers.

`40 Betty Arneson Hanson Tid Bits but Not Pineapple. pg 316.

`44 Gorden Bivens, writes Column for the Nevada Journal.

`47 Ken Watson, variety of published short stories.

`50 Dean Safly, concert vocalist with renowned symphonies

`55 Dale Hughes and Jurine Borton Moore'56 Co-Edited, Milford Twp and Proud of It

`55 Dale Hughes and Jurine Borton Moore'56 Movie Stardom? They were `extras' in "The Final Season" during the summer of 2006. Story of Norway, Iowa, and their 20 State Baseball Championships.

`55 Shirley Molde Jensen's sons wrote a book on Meteors.

`57 Jimmie D. Thompson had his research manuscript published in the Iowa Academy of Science Journal in 2007. The report was his research and plant inventory for Hamilton County. An accomplishment recognized and respected by the professors of Biology in the State of Iowa.

`59 Sandra `Sandi' Nelson Allen (Ed `58) ISU, AIB, com missioned artist in Omaha, she was commissioned to paint historical paintings of Milford Twp, Fernald, & Shipley schools which are now a part of the Nevada. She continues to do commissioned and general works of art for various art the studios in FL, IA, NC, NE.

`59 Roger Hill, professional wildlife photographer.

`59 Norene Hughes, actress (she was awarded the award in Panama, equivalent to the US actors' "Oscar").

`59 Wm 'Bill' Jacobson Ph.D., author, We are What we Were When and I am Where I am, Incomplete; also wrote articles for publication in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Irene Jacobson finished her book on her family's history at the age of 79 Life in the Middle Lane.

`60R Janet Hansen Collins(Bob), Ames seamstress, 19 yrs.

`62N Kathy(Gene)Roberts (daughter of Ray Watson `34) wrote, Soul Support.

`73N Brad Williams, free lance writter

`90N Jill (daughter of Sherry `66N,Gr'ddaughter of Leo Tjelmeland `42), singer, her last engagement was on a Norwegian Cruise liner for four months sailing between Spain and Italy.

`94 Krystal Hughes Cummings, ISU, comm'd artist .

TRUCKING: Joe Alfred'32, Jack Morris `49, Morris Trucking, Dave Allen `55, Dale Hughes `55, Loyd Hughes'56, Virgil Horness'65N Roland Transport 36yrs.


Morris Danielson 30+ yrs.

`27 Ray Danielson.

`32 Mabel L. Hansen Alfred (Joe'32), Office

`54 Clarion Thompson 30+ yrs, printing foremen.

`56 Duane Brodie, 5 yrs

`56 Ron Otto 46 years and received an award from Lt Gov. Peterson. At retirement, Ron's title was: DOT Director of the Office of Right of Way. It is said that Ron "Managed more land in the state of Iowa than anyone else." Ron has been credited for managing the most land in Iowa.

`56 Jurine Borton Moore cleaned/picked-up 3-miles along Highway 1 from 1989-2002 earning a 10-year volunteers award from Gov. Vilsak.


`27 John Hereim, City of Ames, 47yrs.

`39 Inez Sampson Rudny, AIB, Wash DC 4yrs.

`47 Millard Anderson, FBI in Washington DC, then in San Fransico, CA.

`47 Dorothy Tendall, FBI and with J.Edgar Hoover in Washington DC, then as Mrs Dorothy Williams(Wendell) at the Story Co. Court House.

`56 Irene Hodgson Howard, Director of Human Service for Story County.

`59 Norene Hughes, Simpson. Assistant to Intern Relations in Panama.

`59 Connie Petersen Safly, AIB, Ames Mun Water Dept.

`59 Ronald Strother, UI, Dir Systems &Probraming Data of Base Administration of the State of Iowa.

`59 Richard Thompson, UI, State of Iowa position.

`62N Steven Waugh, Pentagon, Wall Street Executive.

`63N Stephen Brooks, St. of IA, Budget Anlyst, 31 yrs.

`65N LaVerne Thompson, Minn,MN Radio Active Power

`96 Heather Hughes Anderson,: BS@ BYU & MS@ISU. Wash DC Lobbyist for Children.


Leon Wilson, Nevada Post Master 40 yrs.

`56 Larry and Shirley Miller 35+ yrs.

`57 Jimmie Thompson 35 yrs.

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