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Mr Vic Pauley 1955-1961
Multi-tasking Janitor

Here we see the multi-talented and multi-tasking Vic Pauley straightening a door, checking for the appropriate softness of a pillow, reading a newspaper to keep current on the items of interest, and resting-- all at the same time. Vic was the janitor at Milford Twp, 1955-'61. (Two more pictures on page 244) He continued as custodian in the Milford facility after the Nevada merger.

Vic and his wife, Hazel ( Pic. page 180), who served as a cook at Milford for 17 years (Milford Twp 1955-'61 and after the merger for the Nevada Comm School system in the Milford facility), were married for 49 years and were the parents of seven children. Four were students who attended Milford Twp School; Shirley (who would have graduated in 1956 had she stayed at Milford), Doris `58, Ron `60 and Geri `62. Doris and Ron graduated at Milford Twp. The youngest, Geri, graduated with the first class to merge with Nevada in 1962.

Mrs Jessie Petersen 1944-1961

The three older girls that did not attend Milford were Virginia `46, Violet `48 and Iva `50. Their daughter, Doris, married classmate Earl Otto `58 and their son, Ron, married Mary Olinger, daughter of Wayne `38. Mary was in the class of 1963 and was the 1962 Nevada Homecoming Queen.

The 1960 annual, "The Spotlight" was dedicated to Mr Vic Pauley who passed away in 1978.

Intrepid Jr. High Leader

Mrs Jessie (Johnson) Petersen taught seventh and eighth grade, junior high, at our great school for sixteen years, 1944-1961. She was there from the end of WWII through the closing of Milford Twp as a thirteen year institution of higher learning.

She started her teaching career at a one room school, Willow Grove, south of Story City. Some have thought she could write a book on dealing with the personal development and character of Junior High age young adults.

She completed 16 years of teaching at Milford Twp and was the last Jr. High teacher at Milford Twp when the school closed in 1961.

Mrs Petersen served as chaperone for many years for the High School girls sports teams and the Jr High sports teams.

The 1951 "Messenger", the school annual, was dedicated to Mrs Jessie Petersen.

Other pictures on page 190 and 207.

Milford Held High Standards

Edit: Educational standards have greatly changed over the years. Within the 12 year time-frame of each class there was an average of 1 1/2 students retained for a year. On the other hand only two students were known to have been advanced a scholastic grade. Art Sorem `52, was advanced a grade as was Alice Grindem `52 when they were in Jr High. Art commented that it wasn't any real favor, at least for a boy, to be so young for athletics or to graduate at such an early age.

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