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Coach Ev Cochrane
Extraordinaire/ Dauntless
Ev Cochrane 1953-'56

A well-known coach for Milford Township Consolidated School in the mid-1950s, Ev Cochrane was born in Des Moines, grew up in Beaverdale, and attended Des Moines Tech High School where he starred in football, baseball, and basketball. As a senior in 1946-'47, Ev was named on both the First All-State Football and Basketball Teams. Ev played freshman college football and basketball at Drake. After his first year at Drake he transferred to join the Hawkeyes. Ev continued his collegiate basketball career and was a regarded Iowa player for his three years. Ev's senior year the Hawkeyes finished with a 19-3 season. He graduated from University of Iowa in 1952. Ev did later earn his Master's Degree at Drake University.

A successful career in coaching began for Coach Cochrane when he secured a coaching position at Milford Township in 1953 and for three years led the school's boys' and girls' basketball and baseball teams to some of their most successful records in the school's history against great odds. He also started girls softball in 1955. Considering that one year there were only 13 girls in grades 9-12, it was truly amazing how Coach Cochrane managed to put together winning teams for Milford Township as often as he did. Team members, when remembering his reign at Milford, mention his wisdom, sense of humor, patience, calmness under pressure, and his desire that his players both consistently improve and "have a little fun" while out on the floor. He had the ability to inspire his "cagers" without their noticing this input. He taught sports, and life's lessons, by example- with politeness and a relaxed reassuring voice coupled with a pleasant mannerism of confidence.

While at Milford he also was principal and taught sociology and even in his classroom and study hall, the students addressed him as "Coach". This was his title- out of respect by his students, and it seemed as though he really enjoyed this title. He also provided countless opportunities for athletes to observe recognized team games and setup extra scrimmage games. He had much respect for his wife, Marge, who worked in an office in Des Moines where they lived. However, she too was a loyal Milford supporter attending many of the games, often with their friend, Jeanette Haas, AAU All-American basketballer from AIB.

Coach Cochrane's 1953-54 Milford Twp girls' team achieved a runner-up in the sectional tournament and a third place in the county tournament. Ev started competitive softball in 1955. During his tenure at Milford Twp he had some great scoring contests and in his 1955 and 1956 seasons, his team scored over 100-points in three games. The 1956 boys' squads were crowned Story County Basketball Champs.

In the spring of 1956, following an after-season scrimmage with Marshalltown, Marshalltown saw the potential of Cochrane's abilities and talents, and hired him. There he continued leading young players to greatness and won back-to- back state championships for Marshalltown in 1960 and 1961.

Ev later coached at Northern Illinois University from 1961 to 1965. There he began building a successful insurance business before moving to Ames in 1968.

A respected and prominent business man, Ev also made his mark in real estate development. By 2004 he had provided some 850 units of housing for ISU including two impressive high rises. He was also respected for his generosity to numerous charities and organizations including Youth and Shelter service, and Ames Habitat. The Cochrane family, (wife Marge, and children Evy and Michelle) fulfilled Ev's original pledge to sponsor the Iowa Hall of Pride boys basket-

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