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Milford Township and Proud of It

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Bertha and E.G.'s son, Ross, was married to Grace Anderson in 1923 and were the parents of Russell born in 1927 (`44); Donald 1928 (`46); and Marlene, 1939 (`57). They all attended the Milford Twp school. Marlene also had attended the Nevada Academy for a few years.

In Sept 1931, fire destroyed a large barn , double corn crib, granary and large hog house, machinery shed and straw stack on the Ross Morfey farm, a short quarter mile south of the Milford Twp. School on the east side of the road. There was no telephone at the Morfey farm so a call to the Nevada fire dept was made from a neighbor's house. The same year, in the spring, the farm house on the E.G. Morfey farm, 2 1/2 miles south of Milford School, was destroyed by fire. The home was rebuilt that summer and four generations of the Morfey family have lived there- E.G. and Bertha, Ross and Grace, Marlene, and Russell Carlton.

ISU Distinguished Professors
Bivens & Warren
Both were active Milford Hustlers 4-H Club members and leaders.
Gordon Bivens 1944
Richard Warren 1948
Adapted from the Ames Tribune of 3 June 1983:

Harvard, Princeton, MilfordTownship, Yale, Stanford. These are but a few of the many high quality educational institutions in this country that have produced successful professionals. (Edit: From this printed copy comparative, many Milfordites have since proudly referred to our Milford Twp Alumni as being from Milford University. It could also be stated here that Curtiss Hall on the campus of ISU was named after a former Milford Twp youth, Charles Curtiss, who became a teacher in a Milford Twp's rural school before he became a renowned Professor of Agriculture at Iowa State. Page 215.)

While Milford Township Consolidated School may not sound like it belongs on that list, last month it suddenly emerged as an efficient Iowa State University professor factory, even though it hasn't actually been a school for more than 20 years.

The building northeast of Ames hasn't been Milford Township Consolidated School since 1961. Today (1983) it houses Nevada School District sixth graders. But in its prime, this school without a town turned

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