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Milford Township and Proud of It

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The New School in 1924 with the teacherage at the left of the photo. (From the southwest)

Agriculture College at Ames, were the main speakers. In a rather unusual placement, the stone was about six feet off the ground and at the very southwest corner of the School. This cornerstone casket was removed from inside the building and opened in the summer of 1991.

1924 March- The new building is occupied by the students.

1924 March 28- Three of the one room school buildings sold at auction. For the researcher, this ad, in itself, is a little confusing as there is no mention of where these buildings are located. However, the three schools that had not been moved, three, six, and nine, had been already sold. See page 258.

1924 May 14- Milford School dedicated. Although the school had been used by the students since the middle part of March, the dedication ceremony was postponed until the weather improved. The main speaker was Prof. Foster, Dean of Men of Iowa State College.

1924 May 19- The last two, now unused, school buildings sold at auction. This ad mentions that these two schools in this auction are located at the Center School site. No follow-up article could be found to indicate who bought these five buildings and the price.

1924 Sept- The eleventh grade added and Lester Gill is hired as Supt He remained only one year. Mrs Smith, in the early summer of 1924, had been offered the Supt job but she declined the position with the result that all the action on teachers' contracts were halted until a new Supt could be hired. She apparently went to the Chicago area and taught there for at least two years. All evidence is that she was very highly thought of by the populous of Milford Twp. She had been a teacher in the Milford Twp School District since about 1895.

1924 Dec 5- First mention (first found) of competitive basketball involving the new Milford Consolidated School is in the paper. The game was at Colo. No record of the outcome. (The Milford Township girls had played in a basketball tournament in 1919. How this was organized was not mentioned- just that they were to participate- no results could be found)

1925 Summer- The east-west road past Milford Twp was graveled (apparently for the first time) with 1000 yards per mile. By 1926 Milford Twp had eight and a

The Dedication program for the new Milford Twp Cons School.
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