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1952 Cooks and Janitor
Above: Left to right: Emma Williams, Birdie Needham, Ethyleen Sampson (Glen ‘43) and Emory Kuhns
1953 Cooks
L to R: Mrs La Vena Kuhns, Mrs Emma Williams, Mrs Birdie (Rex) Needham. (Mom of Dan ‘56, and Ed ‘56)
1954 Cooks and Janitor
Mrs LaVena Kuhns, Mrs Mae Buttry, and Mrs Rhoby Matters and Janitor, Mr Robert “Bob” Nath.
1955 Cooks
Mrs Emory (Lovena) Kuhns, Mrs Albert (Gladys)Petrus, and Mrs Mae Buttry. Mrs Kuhn was the Mother of Jr ‘53 and Phil ‘62. Mrs Petrus was the Mother of three Milford lads, Forest ‘54, Dale ‘61, and Gary ‘64.
1956 and 1957 Cooks
Mrs Lavena (Emory) Kuhns, Mrs Hazel (Vic) Pauley and Mrs Vaughn Thompson. Mrs Thompson was the Mother of Lou, Dick ‘53, Margaret ‘54, and Bill ‘57.
1958 Cooks
Mrs LaVena (Emory) Kuhns, Miss Janice Radabaugh ‘61, Mrs Hazel (Vic) Pauley.
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