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Milford Twp Bus Drivers

BUS DRIVERS: Listed are known bus drivers and the years they drove. It was common to have high school seniors drive busses. (see Photos in Chapter VI)

1920 The first staff of eight bus drivers: Jessie Allen, John Ballard, J.S.Danielson, Clarence H.Dawson Jr, J.W.Gilreath, Paul C. Kliest, Harry Loucks and Howard Minkler, who also drove the first motor bus.

1922-’23: Frank Allen, Oscar Cole, James Gilreath, Chris Labeh, W.A. Larson, J.F.Jacobson, Tom Prescott, Ralph Sampson, Silas Thompson.

1924-’25: Philip Allen, Oscar Babbit, Burt Burley, Mrs Hereim, W.A.Larsen, Clay Gilreath, Gus Marlin, F.L.Shearer.

1927 14 ‘bus’ routes. Ben Morris and Ben Thompson

1929-’30 There were 13 bus routes. 1930’s Both horse drawn and wooden truck chaises were used for school busses.

1931 Some horse driven bus drivers were Joe Alfred, Lowell Burley, Franklin Cross, Floyd Twedt.

1931-’32 There were 14 bus routes: 1-Jacob Twedt, 2- Mrs Oscar Twedt, 3-Oscar Cole, 4-Orlene Twedt, 5-Claire Sowers, 6-George Rasmusson, 7-James Wheelock, 8-Jesse Wakefield, 9-Elzen Watson, 10-Phillip Allen, 11-Jesse Allen, 12-Chris Peterson, 13-Ray Beal and 14-Walker Paulson. Information indicates this was the last year for the horse drawn equipment.

1932-’33 Again 14 bus routes: l-William Sowers, 2-Jeffrey Shold, 3-Oscar Cole, 4-Amil Twedt, 5-Rose Brodie, 6-Silas Thompson, 7-Frank Shearer, 8-Carl Christy, 9-Sam Green, 10-Mrs Marvin Smith, 11-Ross Morfey, 12-Phillip Nelson, 13-Ray Beal, and 14-Wm Sowers. This year, reportedly, is one of two that automobiles were used to transport the students to and from school.

1933-’34 Ray Beal, Rose Brodie, Carl Christy, Oscar Cole, Sam Green, Ross Morfey, Phill Nelson, Frank Shearer, Jeffery Shold, Mrs Marvin Smith I, William Sowers, Silas Thompson, Amil Twedt. Cars transported pupils to school.

1936-’37 Ray Beal, Lester Brooks, Oscar Cole, Orville Larson, Lew Morris, Howard Olinger, Earl Prescott, Amil Twedt, Floyd Twedt. These 10 bus/?/car routes, were the most in Story County that year.

1938 H.W.Borts, Earl Day, JuliaEller(Fritz), Marion Olinger, Floyd Twedt, Orlene Twedt, Elmer Watson.

1939 Edwin Brown, Gail Hein, Paul Lingren, Walter Ross, John Sawyer, Dannie Gabrielson (caretaker).

1939-40 (Roland Record 8-31-1939) Max Arrasmith, Lester Brooks, Earl Day, Myron Larsen, Marion Olinger, Floyd Twedt, Elmer Watson.

1941 Harlan P. Harper Jr, Kermit Molde, Arnie Munson, Marion Olinger.

1942 Harlan P. Harper Jr, Eldon Cooling, Arthur Munson, Glen Sampson.

1943 Eldon Cooling, Fred Matters, Glen Sampson, Marvin Sorensen, Leo Tjelmeland (finished Coolings route).

1944 Joe Honderd, Fred Matters, Harold Tjelmeland,____

1945 Lendell Manley, Richard Stevenson, Wally Tjelmeland, Robert Watson.

1946 Roger Harper, Lendell Manley, Richard Stevenson, Robert Watson.

1947 Joe Harper, Stanley Sorem, Richard Stevenson, Kenneth Watson.

1948 Glen Sampson, Bill Allen, Joe Honderd, Kenneth Watson.

1949 Glen Sampson, Merrill Anderson, Glen Brown, Jack Morris.

1950 Glen Sampson, Dannie Needham, Richard Sorem, John Wakefield.

1951 Glen Sampson, Emery Kuhns, Larry Roberts, John Wakefield.

1952 Glen Sampson, Rodney Hansen, Roy Hartman, Art Sorem.

1953 Arnie Munson, Junior Kuhns, Rex Needham, Dick Roberts.

1954 Arnie Munson, Marlin Jorgensen, Rex Needham, Clarion Thompson.

1955 Arnie Munson, Dave Allen, Dale Hughes, Rex Needham.

1956 Arnie Munson, Duane Brodie, Bob’Jake’Jacobson, Ed Needham.

1957 Arnie Munson, Art Borton, Bob’Jake’Jacobson, Alan Twedt.

1958 Arnie Munson, Chuck Larson, Earl Otto, Roger Thompson.

1959 Arnie Munson, Jerry Book, Wm’Bill’Jacobson, Ron Strother.

1960 Arnie Munson, Wm’Bill’Fuss, Ron Rasmusson, Larry Thompson.

1961 Arnie Munson, Carroll Finnested, Cecil Hocking, Leonard Tendell.

NOTES: 1946 Harlan H.HarperSr drove the bus until his son, Roger turned 18 in October. Richard’Steve’Stevenson(‘47)drove a Milford school bus 3 years in high school,1944-’47.

Glen Sampson(‘43)drove a Milford school bus seven years; two in HS and five after returning from service,when he was also responsible for driving the events bus. Route sub: Bob Williams.

Arnie Munson(‘42)served as “Chief” Driver for nine years, (1952-’61); he also drove for the extra trips and events and was in charge of servicing the entire bus fleet. He, following his experience at Milford, drove a bus at Ames for eight years.

OTHER MILFORDITES who drove busses for other schools: Harriet Comfort(‘47)Witmore 15 yrs for Boone. Harriet substituted for classmate Joe Harper in 1947, she tells of driving the bus home after a basketball game in McCallsburg after the driver(not Joe) had put it in the ditch on a snowy night.

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