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Ben Thompson and Ben Morris among others.

1932 Bus Drivers

An article in the August 1932 Nevada Paper about the opening of the Milford Twp school for the fall term of 1932 states:

“....Transportation will be handled by 14 bus drivers over as many routes.

Bus drivers and their routes follow; Route 1, William Sowers; 2, Jeffrey Shold; 3, Oscar Cole; 4, Amil Twedt; 5, Rose Brodie; 6, Silas Thompson; 7, Frank Shearer; 8 Carl Cristy (probably Christy); 9, Sam Green; 10, Mrs Marvin Smith; 11, Ross Morfey; 12, Phillip Nelson; 13, Ray Beal; 14 William Sowers.”

This must be a record for the most routes and drivers and one of the few instances in Milford Twp where ladies were drivers. It might have been exclusively cars. The article is very clear that there were 14 routes. A few years later it dropped to 5 and then to 4 routes and 4 drivers with the four drivers responsible for obtaining a qualified substitute should the need arise.

One Style of Schoolbus from the Mid-Thirties
This fine looking automobile is a late 1920’s seven passenger Hudson . One of the students of the early thirties said for two or three years she was driven to and from school in big ol’ Hudson automobile. Milford’s horse drawn wagons were sold in the mid thirties and it was all motorized busses from then on.
1936-’37 Bus Drivers

Orville Larson, Lester Brooks ‘32, Earl Prescott, Oscar Cole, Ray Beal, Howard Olinger, Floyd Twedt ‘32, Amil Twedt ‘33, Lew Morris. The Twedts, Floyd and Amil, were cousins.

1938 Bus Drivers

Seven in number: Mrs Julia Eller, Floyd Twedt, Orlene Twedt, H.W. Borts, Elmer Watson, Earl Day, and Marion Olinger.

1939 Busses and Three Drivers
The best there was in 1939.

This picture, a highly magnified one of a very small photo, shows the five busses of Milford Twp in winter of 1938-’39.

Left: Spring 1941. Sister Shirley Molde at the controls of Kermit Molde’s Bus. License plate is from 1941. Note the turn signal and the bus is now yellow. The drivers were Kermit Molde, Marion Olinger, Harlan Harper, Jr. and Arnie Munson who was a Junior at the time.
1945 Bus Drivers

The school bus drivers for the 1944-45 school year, as published in the paper, were Joe Honderd, Lendell Manley, Richard Stevenson, Wallace Tjelmeland and Robert Watson. We do not know if there were five routes or four routes with a substitute driver listed, however, because there was a bus number 5, it is probable there were 5 routes. Richard Stevenson undoubtedly holds the record for driving a bus as a student, as he had the job for three years.

1947 Bus Drivers

Senior Girls of 1947, (L-R) Harriet Comfort, Dorothy Tendall, and Lola Mae Tjelmeland with Jack Morris ‘49. The drivers for 1947 were Joe Harper, Stanley Sorem, Richard Stevenson, and Kenny Watson.

1949 Bus Drivers

Jack Morris, Merrill Anderson, Glen Brown, and Glen Sampson. Another picture on page 316.

“Several of the bus routes have been changed in order that these buses might serve the school and community more efficiently”

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