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1951-’59 Mrs Lois Sundean Sandell(Howard); HomeEc,
  Eng,Soc,Art,Speech (8yrs)
1951-’52 Mrs Robert Mott;Music (1yr)
1951-’52 Mr Robert Mitchell;Shop,Welding,Elec (1yr)
1951-’54 Mrs Margaret Hereim(Milford Twp’30)Gilreath
           (Willard);3-4th 3yrs. See 1936 & 1943. Total (7 yrs)
1951-’52 Mrs Merna Kramer;1-2nd (1yr)
1952     Fall Student enrollment: 156, only 13 girls in HS.
1952-’54 Mr Erving J. Hauswirth;Supt,Ag,Math,Shop (2yrs)
1952     Student enrollment: 156, only 13 girls in HS.
1952-’53 Mr Earl H.Brott;Principal,ComBus,Eng 1yr
1952-’53 Mr Vernon W.’Barney’Beasmore;Coach,Sci,Gov,
  PhysEd (1yr)
1952-’53 Mr Rabanal?;HS ?(1+?)
1952-’54 Mrs MaryJane Munson;VocMusic (2yrs)
1952-’54 Mrs Helen F.McFarland;5-6th (2yrs)
1952-’53 Mrs Beverly Selby;1-2nd (1yr)
1952-’53 Mrs Lucylle Dubbert;Kindergarten (1yr)
1952-’54 Mrs Susan Donnielson;Kindergarten (2yrs)
1953-’54 Mr Harlan Metcalf;Principal,Hist,ComBus (1yr)
1953-’56 Coach Everett’Ev’Cochrane;Principal,Coach,
  Eng, Sci (3yrs) (Played college ball at Drake & U of I)
1953-’54 Mrs MaryBrandenburg;InstMusic,Twirlers (1/2yr)
1953-’54 Mr Shaw, InstMusic (1/2yr)
1953-’54 Mrs Joan Newbrough;2nd (1yr)
1953-’54 Mrs Mary Harper(Milford Twp/Ames’50);1st, 1yr
1954-’57 Mr Keith D Hopkins;Supt,Social Studies,
  Industrial Arts, BusLaw, Science (3yrs)
1954-’55 Mr Lester Cadwell;BusEd,Math (1 yr)
1954-’55 Mrs Neola Drum;ComBus,Math (1 yr)
1954-’57 Mrs Georga Anne Geigel Voigt(Gearld);Voc&Inst
  Music, ComBus,Eng (3yrs)
1954-’61 Mrs Viva Shields Doolittle(Wayne);5-6th (7 yrs)
1954-’56 Mrs Doris Denny;3-4th (2yrs)
1954-’56 Mrs Anna Johnson;1-2nd (2yrs)
1954-’61 Mrs Mary Ann McCall Allen (Phil, Milford
  Twp’22 /Nevada);Kindergarten (7yrs)
1954-’61 Mrs Margaret Lamson(Robert);Remedial Reading
1955-’56 Mrs Edith Aronoff;Math,Hist,Physics (1yr)
1955-’59 Mrs Dorthea Schindler (E.P. Story Co
  Supt); VocMusic,Eng,Hist 4yrs
1956  Bond issue passed for new gym and additional
  classrooms in one vote.
1956-’58 Mr Louis L.Schrader;Principal,Coach,Sci,Soc.
  Studies, Physical.Education (2yrs)
1956-’57 Mr Gearld Henry Voigt;Math,Sci,IndArts (1yr)
1956-’58 Mrs Cletus Conklin Wilson;3-4th (2yr)
1956-’59 Mrs Cecelia’CeAnn’Klopfenstein Martin;1-2nd
1957-’61 Mr C.P.Thompson;Supt,ComBus,IndArts,Music,
  Band (4yrs)  Came to Milford from Roland HS
1957-’58 Mr Don Gustafson;Algebra,Sci,Chem (1yr)
1957-’59 Mrs Christina Schepers;BusEd,Eng,SocSt (2yrs)

1958-’59 Mr Rodger Pitstick;Principal,Math,Sci,Geo,
  Physics,IndArts (also drove a bus)(1yr)
1958-’59 Mrs Mary Maahs;3-4th (1yr)
1958-’60 Mr Don Ramus;Coach,PhysEd,SocSt,Sci (lyr)
1958-’59 Mrs Margaret Ann Ahrens Kleese;3-4th (1yr)
1959-’60 Mrs Joyce Bell;Music,Eng,SocSt,Hist (1yr)
1959-’61 Mrs Johanne Finch(Cecil);Prin ,Music, Math,
  Science  (2yrs) Came to Milford from Roland HS
1959-’60 Mr John McGilvrey;Industrial Arts, Commercial
  Business ,English ,Government  (1yr)
1959-’60 Mrs Ruth Rose;HomeEc,Spch,Eng (1yr)
1959-’60 Miss Patricia Ann Steinhart;3-4th (1yr)
1959-’60 Miss Sandra Johnson;1-2nd (1yr)
1960-’61 Mr Laurence ‘Jim’Dodd; Coach, Social Studies,
  Physical Education (1yr)
1960-’61 Miss Ora Lee Brown;Music (1yr)
1960-’61 Mr Carroll Finnestad;BusEd (1yr)
1960-’61 Miss Ellen Reckendorf;HomeEc,SocSt,Sci (1yr)
1960-’61 Miss Sylvia Straub;Eng,French,Speech (1yr)
1960-’61 Miss Ruth Helvig;SocSt (1yr)
1960-’61 Mrs Marlys Bergland Dodd(Jim);3-4th (1yr)
1960-’61 Miss Ethel Jacobson;1-2nd (1yr)
1990 Only 75 school age students in Milford Twp.
2000 Only 125 school age students in Milford Twp.
2011 Only 31 school age students in Milford Twp
  attending Nevada Community schools.
OTHER TEACHERS living on farms in Milford Twp: Mrs Ernest (Louise)Bhend taught in the rural school of Neb and near Fort Dodge and many years of elem in Story City. Mrs Clarence (Hazel) Bivens taught in a rural school near Zearing, elementary at Nevada and subbed in the area including Milford Twp. Mrs Morris (Francis) Humphrey Danielson Prin in Roland. Mrs Andrew T.Hereim subbed in Roland in 1918-? Mrs Rexford (Edna) Hughes taught secondary, English and Music in Williams, Shipley, and North Polk. Mrs Howard(Irene)Jacobson taught at 2 Rural Schools, Zearing, Roland & Nevada. Mrs Robert’Jake’ (Milford Twp’57) (Sharon) Jacobson, taught kindergarten in Ames. Mrs Joe(Barbara Jacobson Milford Twp) Toot (both ‘66/ Nevada) taught 3-4th in Maxwell. Mrs Waldon (Mavis) Kingsbury’38 taught elementry in Roland:33yrs. Mrs Warren K. (Ona) Nelson, taught at Redfield and subbed in the area. Mr Willian Stevenson taught in a one room rural school in Warren Twp (see Love Stories, page 217). Mr Cap Thompson taught band in Roland. In April of 1960 Principal Mrs. Cecil R. Finch was notified that she had been awarded a National Science Foundation stipend to take advanced work in science. Both Mrs Finch and C.P. Thompson had come to Milford from Roland where they taught since the late '40's and were a big part of Roland's "Wonder Years" in athletics and music.
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