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1956 Marching Band

Below: This is an excellent picture of the floor of the 1924 Milford Twp gym which shows how close the top of the key came to the center circle and also shows the over-back line going between the top of the key and the free throw circle. This line-- over-back line--did not exist, except at the half-line, in 1955. From this photo one could calculate the length of the basketball court. In 1955 the band wore dark blue uniforms with an army leather belt over the shoulder, some say they came from the Salvation Army, so these are the spiffy new gray uniforms bought with funds raised at such events as a talent show held in Sept ‘55 and the creation and sale of a cookbook “Milford Township’s Treasure of Personal Recipes”.

Stephen Brooks, Steven Waugh, Ronald Rasmusson, Connie Petersen, Nadine Safly, Joan Petrone, Dixie Thomas, Connie Brooks, Linda Hughes, Sandra Sorem, Rita Reinhart. Mrs Voigt in charge.
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