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This James Photo from 1940 is reproduced almost entirely uncropped to show some of the detail of the gymnasium. The high quality stage curtain, which when installed in 1924, cost between $450 and $500 dollars and was bought from Tildenís Dept. Store in Ames. The embroidered “M” that was in the top drapery is not shown but it added a real touch of class. (A typical teacherís salary in 1924 was about hundred dollars a month- The salary scale had slipped in the 1930ís.) Milfordís first HS band was started by Prof Alvin Edgar of ISC in 1936-37. Prof Edgar was at Milford 2 days a week. In 1955, Prof Edgar was still in charge of the marching bands when the Milford Band participated at an ISC event.
Notice the smaller Center Court Circle and not the 12 foot circle that evolved later, and notice the paint scheme on the wall at right with a portion of the heating system just barely visible. Note the high gloss finish to the floor. What the line on the floor going across the floor just to the extreme right of the picture was used for is not known. Miss Pauline Bathe is the instructor.
1940 Drama - Wins 1st in Play Contest

Milford Consolidated Schoolís one-act play cast was awarded first place in the finals of the Story County one-act play contest held at Milford Twp School on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1940.

Nine schools had originally participated in this contest and the participants in the finals were casts from Milford Twp, Fernald, and McCallsburg. Milford Twp won first; McCallsburg won second and Fernald placed third.

“Life With Willie” was the name of the play done by the Milford performers. The cast consisted of Harlan Harper, Arnold Nelson, DeLores Borts, Ruby Nassen, Bill Christy, and Betty Burley.

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