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The New Gymnasium
from the 1957 Yearbook
Mrs Martin directs PE time
Mrs Sandell’s new Home Economics Room
Mrs Sandell Page 214.
Mrs Allen’s new Kindergarten Room
Mrs Allen article on page 214.

“Our new addition was to have been completed by the beginning of the 1956-’57 school year, but due to the steel strike during the summer, operations were delayed. During the first few months of school the studying of the students was accompanied by the usual construction sounds. We were all very happy when the building was completed and things settled back to normal.

“December 6 was the first basketball practice in the gym. Both basketball teams appreciated having the gym at last, for they had been traveling to surrounding schools for their practices. The whole community looked forward to the first game played in the gym which was against McCallsburg* on December 7, 1956. The athletic and beef producers banquet, P. T. A. programs, and part of the boys’ county tournament were a few of the activities held in our gym this year. The gym has a seating capacity of 700. The stage in the gym is much larger than our former stage. A project is under way for new stage curtains.

“Among the other improvements on the first floor level are the new and larger locker rooms and the new shop. The former shop room has been redecorated and is now used by the band.

“The second floor has also undergone some changes. With the addition of three large rooms we now have a home economics laboratory, an audio video room, and a kindergarten room.

“The home economic girls and Mrs Sandell are very pleased with their new room. They have been working hard and now the room looks as if it were taken from an interior decorating magazine. Teaching and learning are both easier in pleasant surroundings.

“The fifteen kindergarten students and their teacher, Mrs Phil Allen, are enjoying their new kindergarten room. They have ample space to play in the room; they have a small sink and a drinking fountain for their own use in their room.

“We, the students at Milford High, appreciate “Our New Addition” and will do our best to keep it new. “

*Of that first game, 7 Dec 1956, against ‘Burg in the new gym, the girls lost and boys won.

It is reported that Norene Hughes ‘59 scored the first goal for Milford and Steven Waugh ‘62R scored the last field goal for Milford in a regulation game to be played on this floor.

Article about the gym addition bond issue vote for this facility on page 322.

Ol’ Milford Farmer think: Asking stupid question better than fixing stupid mistake.

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